California Education Attorney

I never thought that a child facing school expulsion for a minor mistake may end up calling an attorney.

My cousin, who lives in California, needs a California Education Attorney. Based on my uncle’s story, my cousin violated a school rule. So he had a school expulsion mark on his academic record. In an country with 391 universities in 42 states, universities use an online application that checks or asks if a child has disciplinary violation from 9th grade to the child senior year in high school.

Anyway, my uncle received a notice for their child’s expulsion hearing, and my aunt decided to hire a California Education Attorney to represent my cousin. That was a great move by my aunt. I learned that child cannot be suspended from his of her school or recommended for expulsion unless the superintendent or principal of the school in which your child is enrolled determines that your child has violated California Education Code section 48900.

So remember, hiring an attorney will be helpful to the child. They will ensure that the charges against a child are valid. They will ensure that the pupil gets a fair trial and that the decision taken by the school authorities is not biased. By hiring the right attorney we will be able to get justice for our child.

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