Beware Computer Users: ActivTrak is Here

Working in an office is what I used to do. I even remembered how my officemates and I use the office’s computer to browse and surf online, send emails, have an online chat and other online activites while our boss is not looking.

But now, employers can monitor their workers’ computer activity through the aid of this very useful tracking software called the ActivTrak, which is short for Activity Tracker.

What makes this software user friendly is that it’s easy to install – actually you can install it in a minute or two, depending on the processing capability of your computer unit. Then after installation, you can then set which of the office computers would you like to monitor.

With the help of this powerful and helpful tracking software, you can even get a snapshot of the sites your employee has or is visiting during that time. What’s more is that, you can send a message to that worker using that certain tracked computer or even have a chat with him or her. Then you can act as a strict boss and ask him/her what he/she is doing during that time. You know he/she will lie, so you can send him that snapshot of the site he has visited. So, he/she will be embarrassed and try not to visit his/her twitter or facebook account during office hours.

On the other hand, the ActivTrak is not just good for office use only. It can be very useful, too, even at school, where the administrator can monitor how the students are utilizing the school’s computer units.

So, students and workers using the schools’ and office’s computer, beware! For you may not know that ActivTrak is now spying unto you.

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