Medical Alert Alarms Can Save Lives

Your grandfather is home alone while you are off running errands or taking some time to yourself. Do you ever think what if he slips and falls landing on his hip and elbow without you knowing it. It’s hard to lose someone or see someone is hurting because of negligence.

Luckily, you may now purchase medical alert system, like BrickHouse Alert Home, incase of emergency.

BrickHouse Alert Home offers fall detection. So, incase your grandfather or grandmother falls and a phone is not at his or her reach, the device will send an alert and calls the 24-Hour Monitoring Center. However, incase of emergency, you can always press the panic button to immediately contact the 24-Hour Monitoring Center.

So be sure your grandparents or elderly wears the panic button around their necks or wrist.

Medical Alert systems are a valuable to all those people who live alone or have health related issues. Medical alert systems are crucial tools in home health care.

Imagine the freedom that you will feel knowing that your loved one is safe in the case of an accident even you are away from home.

BrickHouse Alert Home is an emergencyMedical Alert Alarm system designed for use by seniors or individuals with mobility, neurological disabilities or who are at risk for falls and medical emergencies.

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