I Won A trip to Palawan


April 22, 2009, Department of Tourism (DOT), together with MTV Asia, Media Contacts and Yehey, launched the Awesome Philippines campaign which aims to promote the Philippines to the youth travelers.

During the launch, DOT also announced a mini competition for bloggers. It’s the same as their Online Video Remix contest where you can create your own dream holiday in the Philippines. The only difference is that this mini contest is exclusive to the event’s attendees.

They gave us our own usernames and passwords and we were given until April 24 / Friday / 12 noon to submit our entries.

To make the story short, I made an entry and I named it “Philippines is the place to be.” When I was doing my video remix, I wasn’t expecting anything.  I just love doing video remixing. I even made our wedding video, you can watch it below:

Anyway, last May 5, 2009, I received an awesome email… Sherry of Media Contacts announced the winner of the bloggers’ Video Remix contest. It says:

Hello everyone,

Good morning! We thank everyone who tried out and submitted their videos for our mini-contest. We received a number of good submissions from all of you and it took us time to decide to whom we award our special prize to. One video stood out, however, and we would like to congratulate Awesomeblogger 34, Ms. Iris Camille Mejia, for her winning video “Philippines is the place to be.” You may get in touch with me directly for the details of your Palawan trip prize. 🙂

In behalf of the Philippine Department of Tourism and Media Contacts Philippines, we would like to thank you all for your support of Awesome Philippines.

Have an awesome day everyone!

Sincere regards,


I was really speechless that morning. I got in touch with Sherry and she told me that she’s still coordinating with the DOT for my prize and will advise me of the details. I’m really excited about my Palawan trip.  I think I need to avail a maid cleaning service to get our place cleaned before we go.

Anyway, if you want to win a trip for 2 to the beautiful Philippines, you can still join the Awesome Philippines Online Video Remix contest.

Here’s the mechanics:
1. Create your dream holiday video by remixing video travel clips, photos and music tracks from www.awesomephilippines.com.
2. Find the different clips of specific destinations in the Video Remixer.
3. Pick and edit cuts of the different travel clips and photos based on your own storyline.
4. Choose the soundtrack of your video from the songs available.
5. Register to enter the contest. As a user, you may submit more than one video entry.
6. All submitted videos will be showcased on the website (www.awesomephilippines.com) gallery and widgets.
7. Your video will be rated by other registered users via a thumbs-up, thumbs-down system.
8. Videos with the highest ratings will be shortlisted. From the shortlist, 11 videos will be selected by MTV Asia and the Philippine Department of Tourism as the winning entries.
9. Each creator of a winning video will get to fulfill his/her dream holiday with a friend.
10. This promo runs from February 27 to May 24, 2009. All submitted videos will automatically become the property of the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Weeee! I’m really excited. For sure it will be an awesome experience. Thanks, The Philippine Department of Tourism, Media Contacts, MTV Asia and Yehey.

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