Hoping This Year Will Be The Right Time

Yesterday, I learned that my cousin is already pregnant. I’m happy for her but I’m so jealous. Monch and I have been married for 1 year and still we don’t have a baby. Unlike my cousin, they just got married last December.

When I told Monch about my cousin’s pregnancy, I can tell from his eyes that he’s depressed. He always tells me how much he wants us to have a baby. I really don’t know why I need to struggle to conceive and become pregnant.

But because of this, I realized that there are many lessons to be learned. I think like anything, our main focus should be God first, something even I need badly to learn and no doubt one day will get there. Often it’s stressful, the trying so hard to have a child and get pregnant, where this is concerned. It has to be God’s will too, His timing. We need to learn patience and relax and let it happen naturally. If we focus so much, too much on this what will happen.

But I really hope this year will be the right time.

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