Unleashing Creativity and Curiosity: Sammy’s Adventure at CodeCraft Learning Center

Discovering a Passion for Robotics

As a mom, I’ve always been on the lookout for opportunities that nurture Sammy’s love for technology and foster her creativity and critical thinking skills. When Sammy expressed interest in robotics, I knew that CodeCraft Learning Center would be the perfect fit for her.

Embarking on an Exciting Journey

Sammy recently embarked on an exciting journey at CodeCraft, diving into the world of robotics through their LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 program. The moment she walked through the center’s doors, I could see the spark of excitement in her eyes. Each session was a chance for Sammy to immerse herself in hands-on activities, building and programming her own robotic creations using LEGO® bricks and intuitive software.
Integrating STEAM into Learning

What impressed me most about Sammy’s experience at CodeCraft was how seamlessly the curriculum integrated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) principles into each lesson. Not only did she learn the fundamentals of robotics and coding, but she also honed her problem-solving skills and exercised her creativity through various artistic projects.

Beyond Traditional Education

CodeCraft Learning Center goes beyond traditional education. It provides a dynamic and interactive learning environment where students like Sammy can thrive. Their mission to inspire and engage learners in robotics and STEAM truly resonates with me as a parent. It’s clear that CodeCraft isn’t just about teaching skills; it’s about instilling a lifelong passion for learning and innovation.

Exploring the Exciting Offerings at CodeCraft™ Learning Center

Let’s take a journey into the thrilling offerings at CodeCraft™ Learning Center, a place where the minds of the young flourish in the domains of technology and creativity:

1. LEGO® Robotics Adventures

What’s It About?

The LEGO® Robotics program at CodeCraft™ fuses creativity, engineering, and coding. Children construct robots using LEGO® bricks and animate them through programming.

Why Parents Love It:

  • STEAM Integration: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts are seamlessly integrated.
  • Critical Thinking: Children acquire the ability to troubleshoot, iterate, and tackle real-world challenges.
  • Hands-On Fun: The joy and curiosity of building and coding with LEGO® are ignited.

2. Minecraft Adventures

What’s It About?

In the Minecraft Education program at CodeCraft™, children plunge into a virtual world where creativity is limitless. They delve into history, math, architecture, and more while erecting grand structures and collaborating with fellow adventurers.

Why Parents Love It:

  • Educational Immersion: Minecraft transforms into a canvas for learning. Children uncover history, geometry, and teamwork.
  • Coding Quests: Basic coding concepts are introduced through redstone circuits and command blocks.
  • Collaboration: Team build battles and strategy games encourage collaboration and communication

3. Fluid Bear Drip Paint Workshop

What’s It About?

The Fluid Bear Drip Paint Workshop at CodeCraft™ allows children to unleash their inner artists. They personalize their own brick bear using captivating paint pouring techniques.


Why Parents Love It:

  • Stress Relief: Art serves as therapy. Children relax and express themselves through colors.
  • Family Bonding: Families can participate in the workshop together and create lasting memories.
  • Unique Masterpieces: Each bear is unique, mirroring the creativity of each child.

4. ROQED Physics & Science Laboratories

What’s It About?

Virtual experiments come to life in the ROQED labs at CodeCraftTM. Children explore 3D laboratory instruments, conduct fascinating experiments, and unravel scientific mysteries.

Why It’s Loved by Parents:

  • Licensed Curriculum: The labs align with K-12 school standards.
  • Expert Guidance: Experienced instructors guide children through captivating experiments.
  • Preparation for the Future: Skills in science and technology are crucial for the leaders of tomorrow.

Join the CodeCraft™ adventure! Let the imagination of your child soar as they explore, create, and dream.

For inquiries, visit the website: or call at (02) 7005-7146 or +639171146636. ???

Remember, the future is in the hands of those who code, create, and dream!

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