Branded virtual backgrounds give team members the appearance of working in the same office environment. Coordinators can choose from the best free Microsoft Teams backgrounds or select virtual office backgrounds that are compatible with Google Meet or Zoom. The office design and branding a coordinator or team leader provides to members have the potential to positively impact performance. Learn more about how branded backgrounds can optimize team performance.

Let Your Team Rep The Company

Using branded backgrounds is one of the most effective ways to establish visual unity among remote team members. Whether some members of a team work in the same office and others are based in other locations or a team is fully remote, free office Zoom backgrounds can situate every member in the same virtual office.

Company logos are essential for branding virtual backgrounds. Many office backgrounds designate space for displaying a logo. Logos can be even more important than consistent background designs for creating connections between team members. Using branded backgrounds during video calls and conferences can make team affiliations clear to external and internal parties.

Instilling Unity and Community

Branding plays an important part in bringing teams together. Whether the members of a team work together in person or collaborate online, a logo serves as a banner that unites participants and reminds them that they are part of a larger community. A team coordinator or leader can further emphasize the visual unity that a logo evokes by selecting a particular virtual office background design for use by all team members.

The most effective virtual office backgrounds capture the culture and values of a workplace. Based on the industry and the role of a team, backgrounds that have more modern or traditional designs or gathering spaces, such as conference rooms, may be preferable. Team coordinators and leaders can choose from a wide variety of virtual backgrounds that are compatible with their preferred video conferencing platform.

Branded Backgrounds Promote Professionalism

Team members are more likely to feel a sense of shared identification when communicating with other members that use the same virtual office background and custom branding image. When the members of a team see themselves and others in similar environments with identical logos, each individual is more likely to make an effort to collaborate and represent an organization as professional.

While generic office backgrounds eliminate distractions, the option to customize a background is a key factor for promoting team identification and professional presentation on the part of every member. Coordinators and team leaders should ensure that all team members have access to the preferred background design customized with a high-resolution logo image.

The industry sector of an enterprise and the focus of a team are two important considerations when selecting a virtual background. Most virtual office backgrounds designate space to prominently display a company logo or another branded image. For the most cohesive presentation, the coordinator or leader of a team should specify a particular

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