What makes PlayStation Unique?

PlayStation is known for having incredible graphics and excellent gameplay mechanics, giving players the ability to immerse themselves in their favorite best payout online casino games. But why did they get such a huge fan base?

The Gameplay Mechanics

Most of us have played on an old-school NES or Super Nintendo in our childhoods. But it’s hard to find the same kind of experience with consoles like Sony PlayStation. It offers gamers the best gaming experience because its gameplay mechanics are more advanced than any other console out there. From the way you hold your controller to how you navigate through menus, everything about it feels intuitive. I’ve never experienced any online casino games for real money that offered better control over my character when playing on PS3 than FIFA 2012.

The Graphics

When someone says “the graphics are amazing”, what do you think? Well, I bet most of us would say “Yeah! They’re cool”. But the truth is that the PS3 has some of the best graphics available right now. It’s not just eye candy either. Every single object looks extremely detailed and realistic. If you’re looking at a soccer field from FIFA 13, you’ll see every blade of grass perfectly placed. Players will also be able to see and distinguish between different objects like clothing, shoes, helmets, etc.

The Controller

Ever since the original PlayStation was released back in 1994, no one can forget the iconic design of the controller. While the PS2 looked similar to the original, it wasn’t as comfortable to use. However, the Dual Shock 3 takes comfort to a whole new level. Not only does it feel great in terms of ergonomics, but also it allows people who struggle with arthritis to play comfortably without pain.

The Games

What comes to mind when you hear “gaming”? What do you think about Mario Brothers? Maybe Tetris? Or maybe Halo? Well, guess what…The PlayStation has tons of exclusive titles that everyone wants to play (and play!) on their PS3. Some of the popular ones include: Call of Duty and Battlefield.


As stated above, the PS3 is the best console ever made and if I were to buy one again, I would get this instead of the Xbox 360. It may cost $400 more than the Xbox 360 but it gives me so much more value for money.

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