Many adults in today’s world struggle with various forms of anxiety. Estimates from a variety of sources suggest at least one fifth of adults experience significant anxiety at some point each year. Appropriate anxiety medication adults use can help relieve symptoms and lead to more enjoyable days. Children and teens, who also experience many pressures, can benefit from treatments tailored to their age groups.

Societal & Peer Pressures

Nearly everyone you speak to these days will agree that young people experience increasing pressures, whether from expected sources or from newer concerns. According to articles and reports, the following reasons contribute to a rising number of anxiety disorders in children of all ages:

  1. Stress caused by external challenges such as taking a school test
  2. A state of nervousness due to a potential or perceived threat
  3. The increased state of uncertainty in the child’s world
  4. Social anxiety that comes from peers and the misuse of social media
  5. The pressure that comes from peers to conform to trendy beliefs

Good news comes from the knowledge that most anxiety disorders have solutions, whether you have concerns about panic attacks or stomach distress or even more serious issues. Medicinal treatments should work gently, which is why many users have concerns with Accentrate side effects. This nutritional supplement has a non-patented formula that contains a mixture of lipids, vitamins and minerals designed for youths.

The use of this supplement has several potential side effects, including upset stomach, headache, allergic reactions, nausea, dizziness and several others. The supplement also could result in issues with users who have a history of bipolar disorder or patients taking anticonvulsant medications.

In contrast, a gentler approach could lead to fewer side effects. An active ingredient that isolates the S100B protein can target the symptoms at the source. When combined with smart lifestyle choices such as the right amount of sleep, controlled screen time and mindful practices this approach can yield solid results free of side effects.

Developmental & Hormonal Changes

Both young children and teenagers experience a constant set of biological changes to their minds and bodies. This can result in rapid mood changes and lead to escalating anxieties at times. As a parent, you wish to provide the best help you can. When looking for the ideal over the counter anxiety medication, it can help to have some sound information to guide you and your family.

First of all, it helps to know that advances continue in anxiety treatments, particularly in the area of holistic medicine and natural remedies. The medical field has also learned a lot about some of the problems with some prescription medications that can lead to harsh side effects and overdoses. Another issue with some anxiety medications is that their benefits can decrease over time.

Natural treatments, available over the counter, can work for a wide spectrum of ages, from young children to adults. When you look for solutions for anxiety, it is not necessary to rely only on prescription medications. Natural remedies can reduce many symptoms of anxiety in a gentle and effective manner.

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