A good cup of coffee in the morning can set the mood for your whole day. But when the coffee shops are closed, relying on a barista to serve your daily cup may not be an option for you, And with the average cup of coffee costing P80 to P100, brewing your own can definitely make the difference at the end of the month, especially if you require more than one cup a day to function properly.

There are many different ways to make coffee — each method offers a different taste, that’s why I listed down 3 of the easiest ways to brew your coffee at home.

Pour over

One of the oldest, simplest, fastest, and cheapest ways to brew coffee is the drip or pour over method. You just need a coffee cone and paper filter. Hot water is poured evenly over coffee grounds in a paper filter. With gravity, the brewed coffee drips slowly and directly into a cup or pot.

French Press

A French press is one of the most popular coffee makers in the market. It is easy to use and is one of the quickest methods too. It works by gently steeping coffee grounds in just-boiled water to make a full-bodied cup of coffee. The longer you steep the coffee, the stronger the flavor, although four minutes is the recommended amount of time.

Coffee Maker French Press is very affordable. I got mine from Omega Houseware on Shopee for ₱340 only. It is made of durable, heat-resistant glass with a BPA free plastic handle and base; easy to use and easy to clean. Its 3-part stainless steel plunger has a mesh filter that helps extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors instead of being absorbed by a paper filter!

Espresso Machine

Espresso machines enable you to make the same quality cup of coffee you love without leaving your house – or getting out of your pajamas. If you also happen to love a variety of coffee beverages – such as Americanos, lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos – you’ll be able to enjoy them whenever you crave them right from the comfort of home.

But for me opting for French Press rather than an espresso machine will save you a lot of money!

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