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Due to its nutritional value and the role it plays in growth and development, milk is an important drink for children.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Milk For Kids?

  1.  Milk Is Rich In Calcium
  2. Vitamin D In Fortified Milk
  3. Healthy Teeth
  4. Good For Blood Pressure Levels
  5. Helps Stay Hydrated
  6. Healthy Bones
  7. Promotes Heart Health
  8. Supplies Vital Minerals And Vitamins

Fun Ways To Include Milk In Your Kid’s Diet:

As kids grow older, it becomes more difficult to get a kid to drink that glass of milk. To know how to encourage children to drink milk, there are a few techniques and strategies you can employ to break their initial barriers and introduce them to the tastiness of milk all over again.

  1. Make Milk Desserts
  2. Sneak It In Smoothies
  3. Use Colourful and Fun Props
    Having milk in a special glass or your child’s favorite cup will make the drink all the more appealing to their eyes.
  4. Iced Milk
    Make some delicious and healthy iced milk at home
  5. Add some milk to your kid’s bowl of cereals and oats

Best Milk For Kids:

There are different varieties of milk and dairy products available in the markets that are quite safe for kids. And one of the trusted brands is PROMIL GOLD® FOUR. It is the first and ONLY milk supplement from Wyeth Nutrition® enriched with a breakthrough, brain-boosting α lipids (Alpha-Lipids) that contain Phospholipids, including Sphingomyelin, scientifically designed to help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster through myelination. It has other brain nutrients like:

• Choline, to support overall mental function
• DHA3, to support the maintenance of normal brain function
• Lutein, which contributes to the maintenance of normal vision

Its most advanced formulation1 now has HM-O (2’FL) that offers four ways to help support immunity and may also play a role in brain development.

Promil Gold Four contains other immunity nutrients like:

  • Vitamins A, E, and C, Zinc, and Selenium contribute to the normal function of the immune system
  • Lutein, Carotenes, and 5 Nucleotides
  • Fructo-Oligosaccharides to maintain a healthy digestive system

PROMIL GOLD® FOUR is enriched with α-Lactalbumin (Alpha-Lactalbumin) to support proper growth and Calcium and Vitamin D to support bone development. It has no added sucrose4 to promote healthy weight gain, lowering the risk of obesity.

If up to 100x faster brainpower is what you want for your child, then choose only our most advanced1. PROMIL GOLD® FOUR, with breakthrough, brain-boosting α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids). Help your AlphaKid think fast!

PROMIL GOLD® FOUR is a powdered milk drink for Pre-Schoolers over 3 years old.

Together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

For children aged 3+. Not suitable for use as a breastmilk substitute. Per DOH-FDA CFRR Permit no. 0392 s. 2021

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  2. It’s the best milk and proper nutrients our kids need! And we’re excited about this too on its great good deals

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