Stock-up and Celebrate with Jersey Milk at the 2nd ASEAN Online Sale on Shopee

NCR and other areas in the country are on lockdown once again due to the spread of the Delta variant. By now we already know the drill when it comes to preparing for such eventualities. One of the preparations that we do is to stock up on essentials that we would be consuming for a week. That includes snacks, healthy drinks like one of our pantry essentials, the Jersey Milk.

When it comes to snacks and desserts kids usually love the sweet stuff. This is why I always prepare sweet and nutritious snacks and desserts for my daughter. Some of our favorite desserts are Fruit Salad, Leche Flan, and Buko Pandan. These desserts are made yummier and easier to prepare with flavored milk tailored for Pinoy tastes. For that, there is only one product that I know of, Jersey Condensed Milk. It comes in different flavors so there’s really a lot that you can do with it: buko pandan, ube, melon, and mango which are all great for Filipino dessert recipes. It also has a vanilla flavor that goes well with just about everything.

Jersey Flavored  Buko Pandan 

Jersey Ube Condensed 

What I like about these products is that you can just mix or top them with fruits or gelatin and they become instant dessert. You can also use it as a dip for biscuits during snack time.

Aside from the Condensed Milk, we will also be stocking up on Jersey Fortified Powdered Milk. This is because I want my daughter to get proper nourishment at breakfast and before bed. Jersey Powdered Milk is formulated with added Zinc and Vitamin C plus B vitamins to help boost our immune systems. Something that we all need now that a stronger virus is around. Jersey Milk products also make a practical choice during these lockdowns because they are quite affordable. Plus it would be fun for kids to try out different milk flavors every day. You can actually say that with Jersey Milk you get to enjoy “Sarap ng abot kayang sustansya.” It’s really worth trying so let’s go, tikman na!

This month Jersey Milk joins other major brands together with DTI and Shopee in celebrating 54 years of ASEAN. They will be participating in the second ASEAN Online Sale Day on  August 8-10. This 3-day Sale will showcase the best brands and products across the region. A great platform to highlight proudly Pinoy products like Jersey Milk on a regional stage. This is a perfect opportunity for shoppers to explore products that are fit for their pantry during this pandemic. Stock-up and Celebrate Pinoy brands by checking out the second annual ASEAN Online Sale on Shopee.

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