Unmasking the faces of Crisis in a COVID-19 Pandemic


Almost two years. it has been that long since COVID-19 knocked the world on its knees with fear and uncertainty. Let me ask you, how have you been? Are you able to cope, still struggling, or have you reached your wit’s end over this crisis? This pandemic may be a health concern but it also affected us economically, socially, and emotionally. So much so that personal lives went from one crisis to another. I am one of those who had to face multiple issues during this pandemic. Like some of you, I had to wear a mask of strength in my struggles.

The face of lifestyle crisis under the mask of contentment.

Job loss, business closures, and loss of income were experienced across all income groups last year. This resulted in financial struggles and lifestyle changes for everyone. In the case of our family, we had to cut down on some expenses to make sure that we don’t spend more than what we earn. This meant giving up some of the treats and perks that we’ve gotten used to in the past.

Although I don’t consider it a big deal, one couldn’t help but feel a bit of self-pity when you suddenly have to ask yourself if you can afford items that don’t even put a dent in your budget during pre-pandemic times. But it is what it is, so I simply dealt with it by telling myself that this is just temporary and life can still be good without treats that are beyond our budget. Squashing away the self-pity with a sense of contentment and finding happiness in simple things.

The face of parenting crisis hidden under a carefree smile and a show of confidence.

As parents, we all want to be good providers for our kids. But with the economic crisis, we suddenly feel unsure about our ability to provide for our children’s needs. Getting Sammy on board with our lifestyle adjustments was heartbreaking for me because as a mom I want to give her everything she wants. I also find joy whenever I see the delight on her face whenever we give her surprise treats. But this won’t happen quite as often anymore because our regular treats are going to be a bit rare for now.

Another parenting crisis that I had to deal with was helping Sammy adjust to the new learning setup brought about by the lockdown. Like most parents, the initial stages of online classes were really challenging. But as parents, it is also our job to encourage kids and help them enjoy learning. Thus I decided to brush aside the stress and difficulties I was feeling and replaced it with a carefree smile to show my daughter that we can face this challenge together and have fun with it. This carefree smile also helped boost our confidence in overcoming any challenge that we face.

Fear of COVID-19 itself is also felt by most parents like me. A year after the pandemic, we all felt the fear of the pandemic ebb away. But as the surges started again and COVID-19 infections moving closer to your circle of friends, the fear resurfaces. I’ve shed a lot of quiet tears over friends and loved ones who were lost due to Covid 19. There were also a lot of secret tears shed for my fears of getting infected. I couldn’t help but worry about my daughter if one of us or both of her parents get Covid. She is too young to cope with having both of her parents sick, hospitalized, or…… that’s something I’d rather not think about. It’s this frightening thought that keeps me vigilant in observing health protocols. It also reminds me that life is precious so we have to make the most out of it every day.

The face of family crisis hidden under a mask of courage

Our family is our strength but it can also be our weakness. The biggest blow that we got during this pandemic is tearing our family right now. My parents are going through a tough marriage crisis and as their children, we are affected too. I’m still coming to terms with this, I suppose we all are. This is why we haven’t shared this news with anyone except a handful of our closest friends.

I’ve heard about people going through some mental health issues during the pandemic. I couldn’t exactly say if this was a factor because their marriage issues started way back in my childhood. I think I was in high school when I witnessed my mom trying to take her life because of my dad’s indiscretions. My mom got through that crisis and I have a firm belief that she has the strength to get through this situation. I would rather not go into the why’s and hows of the separation. What really breaks my heart is that we couldn’t be with my mom all the time. I don’t know if it’s just concern over the spread of the virus or the trauma of an event that I witnessed as a tween that’s keeping me from going to her. This is a struggle that I am currently dealing with. My mom is our strength during tough times, but now we all need to be each other’s strengths.

As the eldest in the family, I have to be strong for all of us. That is what I am trying to do even if I feel like “walling” right now. I asked my brother to check in on our mom on a regular basis and it gives me comfort that he is with our mom in these trying times.

Depression can hit even the best of us. Some people are aware of their struggle against this condition while some are yet to recognize it. If you feel like you are not in a good place, emotionally, right now it’s OK to ask for help. There is an USAP hotline that you can call if you or anyone you know needs help. Just dial 0917-899-USAP (8727); (02) 7-989-USAP; or 1553 (landline to landline, toll-free) to reach the National Center for Mental Health.

Surviving the crises in a crisis

Surges and new variants of the COVID-19 tell us that the crisis isn’t over yet. We may have gotten a better grasp at handling the virus but there is no hard and fast rule in handling a life crisis. I do have some realizations though.

1. Kids can be powerful inspirations or motivators. My daughter Sammy is the most important person in my life right now. She gives me the strength to move on whenever my fears are holding me back. She also inspires me to keep working and growing as a person so I can provide better, not just material things but also good values and guidance.

One time, I had to wear a wig at a zoom conference. Sammy can't stop laughing =D

2. Always look at the bright side. As Catriona Gray said, “see situations with a silver lining”. The pandemic came with a lot of other crises attached to it. But I’m choosing not to focus on the negative side of things and be thankful for my blessings instead. Some of these blessings include the boom of my cake business, #WTFChocoLoco, and a steady stream of projects for blogging.

3. Be a blessing to others. I’ve seen both sides of the coin in this crisis, the struggling side, and the blessed side. This inspired me to be a blessing to others. I try to help whenever I can in whatever way it is. I hope that the people I’ve helped also know that I am not expecting anything in return. Being a blessing is giving unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

4. Cherish every day with your family. Life is indeed short. That is what COVID-19 has taught us. This is why I cherish every moment with my family. We may not live a perfect life but we are happy living it. As long as we are together, happy and healthy, life is just perfect.

At the end of all this, I have this “Note to self” to look back to

“Dear Survivor,

Don’t give up! Don’t lose hope, just fight!

And be grateful… Be grateful for the fact that you are alive, healthy, and breathing. Be grateful for this extra time with family and friends. While there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, one thing is for sure; We will come out stronger, we will learn and grow from our mistakes and circumstances and we will be ready to fight whatever the future holds for us!

I have licenses to use all clips and music used in this video.

This story is an entry to ComCo Southeast Asia’s “Write to Ignite Blogging Project Season 2: Dear Survivor”. The initiative continues to respond to the need of our times, as every story comes a long way during this period of crisis.  The initiative aims to pull and collate powerful stories from the Philippine blogging communities to inspire the nation to rise and move forward amidst the difficult situation. The “Write to Ignite Blogging Project” Season 2 is made possible by ComCo Southeast Asia, with Eastern Communications and Jobstreet as co-presenters, with AirAsia and Xiaomi as major sponsors, and with Teleperformance as a sponsor.

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  1. Super relate ako sa I am in pain but you don’t know it kasi ganyan ako, patatawa tawa lang pero di alam ng iba may pinagdadaanan pala. Actually madaming taong ganun. Kaya dapat be nice to everyone talaga. Pinaka importante din ang support system, kung hndi sa family, pdeng friends. For sure meron isang tao na anjan lagi para sayo. And higit sa lahat, kapit lang kay bro. Naniniwala ksi ako lahat may dahilan at may plan sya for us 🙂

  2. Hi Mommy Iris, but first let me say, OMG I didn’t know! I’ve known you for a while na and you seen to be a cheerful, friendly, momshie I know.
    I sometimes make kwento about my problem and ish in life, pero wala pala sa kalingkingan my issues to yours but look at you! Go girl! and keep on fighting! Thank you for sharing this and di rin ganun kadali mag share online. Hugs Mommy Iris, and hoping to see you again in person and p.s. claim your warm hugs from me or milktea pili na 🤣 🥰

  3. Naiyak naman ako mommy. pero tama ka you need to be strong. lahat tyo kelangang maging strong.. malalagpasan natin lahat ito

  4. You are and will always be a tough woman and a mom, Iris! Always look at the bright side of life: we’re still alive and hopeful for better days ahead! Some might call it too much positivity, but what else can we do diba but to keep a head high up and deal with our lives one day at a time during these challenging times. Stay strong, laban lang! 😍

  5. Laking tuwa ko ng malaman kong neighbor pala kita, we get to know each other personally, and since we are both far away from our parents and siblings, iba yun pakiramdam na meron akong kaibigan na andyan lang just a stone away from me. Tulungan na walang halong yabang or plastikan, turingan na parang magkapatid at walang inggitan. We are on the same boat, pero this too shall pass. Laban lang kaibigan, andito lang ako malapit sa yo <3

  6. Continue to be the bubbly person you are. You are blessed. Muaahhh!! College days kisses when there was no emoji. 🙂

  7. Sending love and hugs ♥️ Stay Strong at lagi nating tandaan na lagi lang andyan si God pag feeling na hindi na natin kaya,andyan lagi sya para patatagin tayo para sa pamilya natin tandaan natin na walang binibigay si God na pagsubok na hindi natin kayang lampasan ♥️🙏

  8. I admire you Mommy Relate ako dyan we need to be strong for our family pray lang tayo matatapos din ang mga problema natin ..

  9. I can totally relate. Unang pasok palang ng covid-19 Me and my partner lost our jobs. We’ve been relying on our parents and it’s hard to not having our own money. As in, umaasa lang sa bigay at utang. I don’t have someone to speak about my problems but myself. I hid all my pain and tears.. but I’m grateful that this disaster made me feel stronger and better than yesterday. Fortunately, nakabalik na si hubby sa work at unti unti ng nakakabangon, and I hope na kasabay ng pagbangon namin ang pagbangon ng ekonomiya at ng bansa natin.

  10. Dumaan din po kame sa stage na ganito. Lumipat din po ng bahay at saktong naglockdown na. 2 months walang work ang partner ko po at di pa po kame nakakabayad ng renta. Buti na lang po mabait ang kasera namin at si partner pinursige po na makapag work from home. Tapos sumabay pa po na naaksidente sa motor po ang partner ko po at buti na lang sugat lang po ang natamo niya. Sinasabi naming okay lang kame pero natatakot din kame kase paano kung wala ng work. Ang hirap ng mga naging sitwasyon pero kay Lord lang po talaga kame kumapit.

  11. “always look for the brighter side and cherish everyday with your love ones ”
    sobrang hirap pero kinakaya basta tulong tulong , be responsible and creative , maraming paraan para makasurvive ka , Samahan na din ng pag dadasal para may guide ka ..marami ang nakakaranas ngayon ng depression , with the support of our family , love ones it will overcome and always do what makes you happy ..🤗❤️😊

  12. Relate ako jan mommy. Sobrang hirap talaga ngayong pandemic. Naransan din namin yan ma. Lalo na ung mawalan ng trabaho ung asawa ko at hindi namin maibigay ung needs ng anak namin. Masakit sa kalooban bilang magulang. Kaya sana matapos na talaga itong pandemic para mkaahon na tayo ulit sa pandemyang ito .

  13. I dont know how to react.. Nakakasad po na nakakarelate.. But we need to be strong sa lahat ng ating pinagdadaanan.. Tiwala lang po kau GOD

  14. kailangan po talaga tayo maging matatag sa mga dumadating na hamon Ng buhay, at lagi po nating mahalin Ang ating pamilya dahil sila po Ang nakakatulong sa atin

  15. As we surpass every day this pandemic, the struggle we’ve been facing shows that we are brave people of God, we realized that we Filipinoes weren’t easy to defeat na tayoy palaban kahit ano mang pandemic ang ating kinakaharap.👍🙏🙏 Let us still Pray to Him that we will be stronger as we are.
    I have been through a lot of struggles po, kasi first and foremost my family was broken it’s because of pandemic, it’s because of the crisis we were faced. Dahil sa Kulang ang Kita pati tiwala nasira nawala ang trust sa subrang babad sa work para makasurvive kasi wala nang pwd pagkakitaan halos lahat wala nang income ma nagdoble kayod at doon nagumpisang nawala ang time sa isat isa Hindi na makontrol ang problema at nasira nang tuluyan! Pero still ngayon akoy nagpapakakatatag para saaking dalawang anak. Just always pray to Him Hindi nya tayo pababayaan. 🙏😇

  16. Nakakarelate po ako Sa inyo Mommy . At Marami akong natutunan sayo. Huwag padadaig Sa hamon Ng Buhay . Dapat maging matatag Tayo para sa pamilya natin! At huwag kakalimutang tumawag Sa TAAS! Katulad Sa kantang “HUWAG KANG MANGAMBA” dapat ay Hindi Tayo nangangamba dahil nandyan si God palagi nakabantay satin. kAya LABAN Lang MOMMY! FIGHTING!!!

  17. Nakakarelate ako mommy Iris kasi may mga time na naiiyak talaga ako, lalo kapag naalala ko si mama ko. Nawala po siya noong before pandemic, Feb. 2020. Sobrang sakit kasi biglaan, wala po siyang sakit tapos nasundan pa June 2020, naging positive ako sa Covid. Btw, im a medical frontliner po kaya super worried na mahawaan ko ang mga anak ko na maliliit pa. Fortunately, asymptomatic po ako at wala talaga halos naramdaman. Super thankful pa din po na hindi kami pinabayaan ni Lord in spite of what happened. Be thankful lang po tayo always sa Itaas at magtiwala sa Kanyang mga plano.

  18. Pkatatag ka po Momsh, unang una nandyan ang Dios, walang pagsubok n ibbgay na d ntin kaya, alam ni God ang kapasidad mo, mraming ngmamahal at ngmamalasakit sau, mgtiwala kang d ka pababayaan ng Dios, itiwala mo s kanya ang lahat, at sya na bahala s mga bagay n di mo na kaya, sending hugs momsh

  19. Stay strong po matatapos don po ang pag subok na ito laban lang po sa bawat pagsubok.god is good all the time

  20. Karamihan talaga satin napakahirao ng pinagdaanan lalo ngayong pandemya. Naranasan din namin ang mawalan ng bahay at palipat lipat kung saan saan. May mga bitbit pa kong bata. Pero thankfully hndi padin kami pinabayaan ng diyos, nakakaraos parin kami sa buhay ng walang sakit at sama sama. Dasal lang talaga. 🙏

  21. Grabe talaga yong impack ng pandemya sating bansa ang daming naghirap at nag tiis kaya tanging ginagawa ng mga tao ay dasal at tiwala na lahat ng ito ay malalagpasan at matatapos dn lalo na isa pa ay kung malayo ka sa iyong pamilya ang hirap dn na makauwi ka kaagad dahil di mo alam kung ano ang nag hihintay lalo na sa katulad kung malayo ang aking magulang at mahirap makauwi at ang hirap ng buhay lalo na financial. Kaya pinagdadadasal ko nalang na matapos na ito at bumalik na sa normal ang lahat. Kaya laban lang mommy at dasal malalagpasan dn yan sa awa niya🙏🙏

  22. Damang dama ko to ngayon Mommy Iris. Sobrang hirap talaga although may mga ksama nmn ako at dito kami nakatira ng mga kids ko sa family ko sa Bulacan medyo hirap pa din kami lalo pa minsan lang din namin makasama Hubby ko. Hnd talaga maiwasan na nakakaramdam ng lungkot. 🥲

  23. Kailangan natin magpakatatag sa mga panahong tayo ay nahihirapan. Mag pray lang kay God at laging tumawag sakanya. Kahit mahirap amg mga pinagdadaanan natin sa buhay tiwala lang sa Kanya

  24. It will hurt, but I will survive. Kailangan nating magtiis para mka survive. Very relate ako po ako kasi madaming pinagdaanan ang pamilya ko sa mula ng mag umpisa ang COVID-19 na ito. Pero nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos kasi nandyan lang sya nakaalalay sa lahat ng oras para maka survive sa hamon ng buhay. Laban lang tayo! Kaya natin ito! Basta kasama natin ang Diyos.

  25. Magpakatatag po tayo para sa pamilya natin. Alam kong mahirap po ang ating sitwasyong lahat. Laban lang para sa pamilya. Makakaraos din po tayo sa mga dinadanas natin ngayon. Wag po makalimot lang sa kanya, laging magdasal at magpasalamat sa biyaya maliit man o malaki ito.

  26. Keep fighting keep shining mommy❤ Matatapos din lahat ng ito at lahat ng problema .Gaya nga ng sabi mo look on the brighter side. Huwag nating isipin ang negativity.But keep on the positive side..Our family and friends are there to love,help and comfort us..

  27. Relate much Mommy kami din hirap talaga lahat mula ng mag pandemic..nung 2020 na umuwi kami dito sa laguna pinauwi kami ng biyenan ko ayoko sana kasi makikisiksik na naman kami dito sa bahay nila anh hirap pati makisama sa kanila .mas maganda tlga na may sariling bahay para tahimik ang buhay….

  28. Hi Mommy Iris, thank you for your story and sobrang nakkarelate po ako specially this time of pandemic. we can never really give up as a mom, kasi may taong mas kailangan Tayo at Tayo ang dapat magbigay ng motivation and strength sa Kanila. I love your note to self quote too momsh😊 Don’t give up! Don’t lose hope, just fight! And always and forever be grateful to God! Cause I believe everything happens for a reason when you pray. Ksi si Lord naman talaga ang may control said last, maniwala Lang Tayo ❤💋

  29. A very inspiring article mommy.You are such a strong.Keep fighting po.God bless.

  30. Same feeling po…still blessed pa rin po tayo mommy, continue to be bubbly as you are po..matatapos dn lahat soon 🙂

  31. Relate ako Mommy Iris mahirap pero kakayanin para sa pamilya..Kailangan natin maging matatag kasi may anak tayong umaasa saten. Sending hugs momsh ❤️

  32. This Blog truly Inspiring at sobrang NakakaAmaze, So Proud To All Survivors and to all People Na Patuloy Lumalaban sa kabila ng pinagdadaanan hanggang ngayon, the most important in this Blog Kung Paano Tayo patuloy nagiging Mabuti sa ating Kapwa, Pamilya or kung kanino man sa kabila ng ating pinagdadaanan, At higt pa dun kung paano tayo patuloy nagtitiwala sa Kabutihan at pagmamahal ng Panginoon sa Atin at patuloy nagtitiwala na hindi Niya tayo iiwan at Pababayaan…

  33. sending love momshie..parehas tayo we are in pain because of this pandemic but we have to be strong for our family….im a silent reader to any mom post about thier struggle in life….nakuha ako ng hugot sa mga post nyo…nakakalakas ng loob..fight lng tayo sa buhay..🤗🤗🤗

  34. Nalungkot ako mommy sa kwento mo.although lahat tayo apektado ng pandemic diko pa rin maiwasan maging negative minsan kasi mga andaming tanong na walang makasagot.pero pag nakakanasa ako ng mga kwenting naging survivor sila napapaisip ako.bat sila kinaya nila at kinaya nila bat diko kakayanin.may mga taong nagpapalakas sa kanila at don ako nagkamali kasi nakalimutan ko may pamilya ako need Kong lumaban at magpatulog.need Kong maging malakas para sa mga anak ko.kasi pag sumuko ako pano sila?mommy salcido po ako sayo banging matatag ka…di tayo iniwan ng Maykapal kakayanin natin lahat ng ito

  35. I can feel u po as the eldest daughter and the breadwinner of my own family too.. parang yung burden nasa balikat ko lata pero ang naging sandalan ko po si GOD.. I pray a lot, I listen to worship songs, through social media I always talk to positive people, watch feel good movie and read this kind of articles like yours. Mabuhay po kau and keep sharing inspirational stories and experiences. Thanks!

  36. Good vibes! All of us are truly suffering and still struggling with this pandemic but in God’s grace still we survive so just continue fighting and don’t loose hope for in every rain there is always a rainbow 🌈🌈🌈 God Bless to us!!!

  37. It’s so nice and great 😍 to know someone like you mommy iris you’re so strong and have didecation in life.Thanks for sharing with us your other blogs that really helps us a lot.

  38. Ganda Neto Para dami ka natutunan lesson Lalo sa panahon ngaun Herap kaya need tlaga maging matatag natin.Like sa akin Dami pinag daannan ngaun panahon eto pero laban lang .pray kay god.

  39. We are so proud having a mommy blogger iris because you always shared with us your knowledge and learning when it comes on being a mother and so on.We really appreciate your being so nice,your so strong and dedicated mom godbless

  40. Opo ganyan din lalo po at single mom ako at breadwinner sa family maraming worries na pumapasok sa isipan at lalo di naman ganun ka stable ang work ko. Wala din ako mapagsabihan sa pamilya dahil ayaw ko sila mag alala ang mother ko matanda at ang mga anak ko mga umaasa saakin lage ko sinasabi kailangan maging matatag at malakas.
    May pinagdadaanan lilipas din ito.
    Pero magiging peaceful tayo kapag binigay natin kay Lord lahat ng worries at agam agam natin. Dahil sabi nga niya sa pangako niya. Cast all cares upon Him for He carries for you.
    I will uphold you in my righteous rifght hand, i will never leave you nor forsake you..
    Magtiwala lang tayo palage dahil may purpose siya saatin..

  41. Relate ako dito mommy iris . I know its hard pero kailangan talaga natin maging malakas para sa pamilya natin lalo para sa mga anak natin

  42. Saludo poh ako sau mommy iris kala ko ako na ung pinaka kawawa ndi pala feeling ko down n down ako pero pinipilit ko lumaban pra sa mga anak ko at nakakaya nman lahat ng hamon sa buhay idol na poh kita, basta pray lng poh tau lage xa lng talaga kasangga naten laban lng mommy iris kaya naten to. Strong tau mga nanay eh pra sateng mga tsikiting… love u poh

  43. Nakakaiyak naman po pero tama dapat laging strong , kailangan patawatwa lang lng pero , perp di alam ng iba ang pinagdadaan

  44. Super relate this mommy sobrang napagdaanan nmin toh Lalo nong pandemic same kme ni hobby walang work buti nlng may mga taong tulong din sau..

  45. Nakakaiyak naman tong story mo mommy ,at yes tama po kayo we need to be strong makaka survive din po tayo almost 2years na 😇 malalagpasan din natin to

  46. Always be grateful no matter what God has a plan for us, itong pandemic nato nag papatatag sa atin e kay daming pagsubok talaga mula ng dumating to sa mga buhay natin ,marami din tayong realization kaya dapat e enjoy nalang natin to importante safe at kasama natin mga mahal natin sa buhay at manalig lang tayo sa kanya 🙏

  47. We all have struggled a lot this pandemic. The important thing is that we should never give up and continue to live. My partner lost his job because of the pandemic. Inspite of all these things I am still thankful because we are not infected of the virus. Let us pray always that the pandemic will end very soon.

  48. Yes its true po sobrang hirap ngayong pandemic need lang nating maging strong to our family hope pandemic matapos na

  49. Relate ako ma, lalo na nung panahon na paminsan minsan nalang pumapasok si Hubby dahil nga po sa pandemya at madami pang pagsubok na aming napagdaa bukod diyan sa pandemya, naransan namin nabaha nung bagyong Ulysses, limited lang ang pagkain, buti may mga ayudang bigay kaya nagpapasalamat parin kami at nakaraos naman dahil may mga kapamaraanan talaga ang Dios.. Sa mga pagkakataon na ganito tanging ang Dios lamang ang ating sandata. Diyan tayo pinagtitibay at pinapalakas sa bawat pagsubok. Be strong and courageous Mommy tiyak malalampasan po natin ang mga pagsubok. Sending hugs 🥰😍

  50. Super relate din ako sayo mommy, ang hirap talaga lalo na nung nawalan ng work hubby ko tapos kailangan namin lumipat ng bahay, sobrang na kaka stressed.
    Pero kailangan maging matatag at lumaban sa buhay. Malalagpasan din natin lahat ang pagsubok Tiwala at Dasal lang

  51. Hi mommy iris 😊 thanks for motivational advises to all proud momma that have a problem or something depression happening to them. Thanks for aspiring message to us

  52. Good afternoon mommy iris 😊 thanks for motivational and aspiring messages to us like a mother like you. It helps some advice you put out this topic to the mother who suffering tired and pain problem about parenting or some issue about family.
    Thank you verymuch mommy irs 💓💓

  53. Nakaka inspire po. Salute sa lahat nang covid survivors. Nakaka bilib po kayo. Laban lng. Kaya ntin to. God is good all the time. Mawawala din tong covid na to.

  54. I feel you mommy kaya tanging dasal lang palagi para maging matatag po tayo at makayanan lahat nang pagsubok na dumadating or darating papo mag tiwala lang po tayo sakanya na hinde nya po tayo papabayaan.

  55. Subrang nakaka relate ako ma, halos lahat ng ito pumasok sa isip ko subra akong nag overthink lalo kasi kasagsagan ng Covid pinanganak baby ko at iniwan ako ng papa nya subrang hirap and now he’s 11 months na patuloy ako nagiisip ng positibo na dapat hindi ako sumuko napakahirap subrang hirap yung kalagayan ko ngayon but my baby is my strength to continue and fight for us. Minsan naiiyak ako kapag naiisip ko but pinipilit kong ibaleng na nakayanan ko na nga maka survive kami ng 11 months na ako lang magisa so dapat ipagpatuloy ko kasi sayang ang panahon kayanin ko dapat para sa baby ko.

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