Local Brand Helps Asian Neighbors Fight COVID-19

...while keeping their hands soft

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COVID-19 sowed disaster around the globe in 2020. To date, this pandemic still poses a threat as vaccines are just being made available globally. Hygienix is serious in providing germicidal protection not just to Filipinos, but even consumers around the world!

The unbeatable attributes of this homegrown brand were readily embraced in the global arena. And for good reason! Hygienix Germ-kill Soap, Germ Kill Alcohol, Hand Spray and Hand Gel does not only kill 99.99% germs and common disease- causing bacteria, it also has a moisturizing formula and a refreshing scent that’s easy on the pocket. This makes sanitizing safe even if done frequently.

In this time of COVID, Hygienix was able to fill two needs with one deed: shield people from germs AND protect their skin from needlessly going dry. Kudos Hygienix!

Backed by its parent company, Asian Personal Care giant Wipro Consumer Care, Hygienix has become a trusted brand, not only in the Philippines but in various parts of the globe. As word spread of its germ-killing and skin-loving qualities, Hygienix found itself swamped with orders for their various sanitizing products! Soon enough, and in the thick of the pandemic, Hygienix also needed to step up production to fulfill demands from new markets: Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan! Eventually other countries like Malaysia, China, and India began to locally manufacture Hygienix to serve their consumers’ rising demand for anti-bacterial essentials. Hygienix products are now available in leading supermarkets and pharmacies of these countries.

As the fight rages on against COVID-19, Hygienix has also started expanding its product line to include the Germ-Kill Body Wash; the Germ-Kill Hand Wash; and, Germ-Kill Wipes. By offering these other germicidal formats, Hygienix says they hope to cater to a broader market whose lifestyles may be different but the needs are the same: to be clean, safe and protected. So don’t let the viral pandemic get the better of you, your health and your skin! #FightWorldGermination and stock up on Hygienix, NOW!

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1 comment

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  1. This is must esp sa bahay naten. To protect and make sure na secure ang buong fam. From any kind of viruses.. Maganda etong Hygienix 99% can kill germs..

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