Maintaining a household especially during these uncertain times can be very expensive. So, stretching every cent is a must to help you stay within your budget. Washing your dishes may not seem as big as other expenses, but it really adds up. You can now cut your dishwashing costs by half while helping cut the production of plastic waste with an exciting innovation for the kitchen!

Human Nature, the pioneer in local, genuinely natural yet affordable cosmetics, personal, and home care products, has a mandate for its Filipino scientists from the Natural Care Labs–to produce groundbreaking products using the latest technology in green chemistry and natural manufacturing. Today, their expertise and love for the country have produced the first locally made nature-powered dishwashing powder!

The Natural Dishwashing Powder was conceived out of one of Human Nature’s advocacies to love and steward the environment. Absolutely without harmful chemicals, this trailblazing product offers a trifecta of goodness: It battles the bottle, fights grease and saves your budget.


The world produces about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, with packaging accounting for just over 40% total plastic usage*. Recycling alone won’t work. To help curb this addiction to plastic and cut down the plastic waste ending up in landfills and oceans, Human Nature formulated a waterless format for the Natural Dishwashing Powder.

Dylan Wilk, chairman and co-founder, shares the reasoning behind this revolution in dishwashing, “When you buy a liquid product, most of what you are actually buying is water. It’s the water that needs a plastic bottle. It’s the water that makes the product bulky and heavy, and therefore, expensive to ship. This is why buying products without water can save you so much money!

Yes, they took out the water to take out the plastic bottle. To use, you just add the water to release its concentrated dishwashing power: scoop 4 heaping tablespoons into 500 ml of water, let it soak for 10-15 minutes, then shake really well. It’s that easy: Scoop. Soak. Shake.


When diluted, one 75 gram box of concentrated Natural Dishwashing Powder makes 1.5 liters of dishwashing liquid or three 500 ml bottles. This not only saves 98.90% of plastic, it saves you P374.50 versus three 500 ml bottles of Human Nature Dishwashing Liquid. It’s half the cost with triple the grease-fighting power!

At an introductory price of P224.75, when diluted, the Natural Dishwashing Powder costs as low as the leading synthetic dishwashing paste and even cheaper than the leading synthetic dishwashing liquid per ml. With the astronomical rise in the prices of commodities, this money-saving kitchen helper is a godsend for anyone trying to thrive in these trying times. Your pocket and the planet will thank you!


This 97.67% natural formulation is strong enough to cut through grease without the harmful chemicals. It effectively breaks down oil and helps neutralize food odor with a potent blend of green ingredients while jojoba esters help keep hands moisturized.

8 out of 10 testers said they were satisfied with the foaming, cleansing and ability to remove unwanted smell and overall performance while 9 out of 10 testers said it’s gentle on their hands.

It’s your turn to help save the planet, save your pocket. Try this waterless wonder powder and unleash its #DishwashingPowderPower today!


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