How to Start a Commercial Greenhouse Company

The desire to start and own a business is shared by many. Starting a commercial greenhouse business is an excellent move, if done correctly.

The industry is highly profitable and the business has good returns. In fact, a report states that the market is expected to reach over $5 Billion by the year 2025.

Therefore, getting into the field now might be one of the best decisions you ever make. Here are some of the benefits of starting a commercial greenhouse company:

  • It is rewarding financially. Companies are mainly founded to make money. With such a growing market for commercial greenhouses, the possibility of generating high returns is high if you put in the work.
  • Satisfaction of solving a problem. Planthouses allow growth of crops under specialized conditions. This therefore increases the quality and quantity of the yield compared to if the crops grew under normal conditions. Being in the business of manufacturing and selling planthouses makes you a solution against low crop yields to crop growers.
  • It accords you all the benefits owning a company does. These benefits include independence (since you become your own boss), creative freedom and an opportunity to attain financial freedom.

Products and Services to offer

Some of the products and services your company could deal in include:

  • Selling whole greenhouses. You may have a variety of planthouses depending on your clients’ needs. Some may want either plastic or glass, complete with metal, PVC or wood. You may also sell them as either stand-alone greenhouses or as a series of integrated ones covering a large area.
  • Selling commercial planthouse supplies. These supplies include hydroponic kits and gutter systems.
  • Heating and cooling components. You may sell these components separately not as part of an entire greenhouse. Therefore, growers who need to replace or upgrade theirs will come to you.
  • Consultancy services. You may consider learning as much as possible about the business and sell your knowledge to people who want to get into it. See this link to read more about greenhouse

Steps to Start a Commercial Greenhouse Company

  1. Research

Research shows that approximately 20%of businesses fail.  Therefore, it is crucial to conduct adequate research in order to ensure your company succeeds. Market research is an essential part of the research step. Know who your market is, where exactly it is, and, what exactly it requires. Some of the questions to guide your research step include:

  • What is your target market?
  • How much do you need?
  • Where will you get manufacturing supplies?
  • Where will the company be located?
  1. Come up with company information

Putting together both basic and complex company information makes the vision clear and execution easier.

Come up with your company name, logo, mission and vision statement, business plan and organizational structure.

Ensure that you have information that answers all questions anyone might have about the greenhouse company. It is also important to write a business profile.

  1. Put your funds together

No company can exist without starting capital. How much money do you have? Is it enough or do you need to source it from elsewhere?

You may fund your business from your own pocket (from savings), friends and family and, other institutions. A bank loan is a great place to start with if you do not have enough starting capital.

You may also consider applying for business grants from the government or corporate companies that offer them.

  1. Government Documents

Government policies, rules and regulations have a great impact on companies. Get your company name registered and apply for all other documents the company will require.

Getting government documents ensures your business is legally recognized thus ensuring you are on the right side of the law. It also puts you in a position to benefit from any favorable government measures that may be put in place.

  1. Put together an effective marketing strategy

Your commercial greenhouse company will not survive without markets. It is therefore very important to come up with an effective action plan to bring in clients.

The marketing strategy should cover targeting clients both offline and online. You may want to visit horticulture and crop farmers without planthouses to inform them of the benefits and bring them on board. Click here to learn more about the advantages of greenhouse.


Starting your commercial greenhouse company may seem like a difficult task. However, using the information stated in this article equips you with adequate knowledge to start your company. Consistency, discipline and, not giving up will put you among the 80% of companies that actually succeed.

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