Achieve that Golden Glow with Bio-Science’s Bio-Gold Products; Available on Shopee

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Aging is inevitable But it doesn’t mean it cannot be delayed.

Skin Changes That Come With Age

Generally, as we grow older, there are changes in our skin that impact visible signs of aging. You may notice spots that were never there before, fine lines appearing around the eye, skin becomes drier, and more.

Why Our Skin is Aging

Skin aging is caused by a combination of natural aging and exposure to sunlight. Not taking care of your skin or health can also speed up the process of skin aging.

The Importance of a Skincare routine

With a proper skincare routine, in addition to lifestyle adjustments, you can still look your best as you progress through this decade.

The Secret to Golden Glowing and Younger-looking Skin

Achieve that Golden glow with Bio-Gold Range of Products from Bio-Science

The Bio-Gold line contains 24K gold extract, an antioxidant source that helps nourish your skin in fighting early signs of aging. Overall this range improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates, and gives your skin a youthful glow.

Get your gentle yet deep-cleansing fix with Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser.

This cleanser uses a rich and fine non-drying foam with 24k gold formula to deeply cleanse the skin, leaving it bright and refreshed for younger-looking skin!

Experience the beautiful balance of serum & toner in one with  Bio-Gold Gold Water!

This excellent skincare essential has a combination of #BioEnergyComplex that helps repair skin cells and #24KGoldExtract that aids your skin’s nourishment against early signs of aging!

Wrap your skin with the most luxurious regenerating night cream! Meet the Bio-Gold Night Cream! Bio-Gold night cream helps soothe and nourish skin with its 24k gold extract and #BioEnergyComplex formula.


The Bio-Gold Night Cream works hard to repair and regenerate skin while you get some well-deserved rest! Wake up to a softer, healthier-looking morning skin with this fantastic cream.

Try these products to experience the wonders they could do to your skin by getting yours now at the Bio-Science Official store in Shopee with discounts UP TO 55% for their Grand Launch from February 22-28th, 2021.

Also, get an Amazing Vanity Pouch free with every Bio-Science order with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE.

Let’s have Glowing Younger-Looking Skin with Bio-Science Bio-Gold Products !!

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  1. Ayy bongga neto. Maganda siya para looks still young and fresh tayo always. And ang gaganda din nang skincare nila!

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