The best essentials subscriptions for men

Every day more things make our lives easier. Despite the current crazy state, we’re living in the best times where convenience is king.

We have unlimited entertainment on demand from our couch, our gadgets make everything easier, and we can get anything delivered to our doorstep. Food, beverages, books, clothes – you name it.

And why not? Time saved on mundane tasks is time spent on things we enjoy.

One of the best things to come out in recent years is subscription boxes. You don’t even need to spend time ordering things – do it once, and you’re set!

And since many men are still not that into shopping, subscription boxes for everyday men’s essentials are a life-saver!

Here are the best essentials subscriptions for men.

Socks and underwear 

Number one and number two items every man needs all the time are socks and underwear.

The subscription market is full of great options for everyone. Are you looking for basics? You’ve got it! Do you like quirky undergarments and cartoon socks? Just click “subscribe.” Dress, novelty, athletic, classic, and other styles are all available to order.

Yes, the sky’s the limit, and the main upside is never needing to set foot in an actual shop again or worry that most of your items are frumpy, have a whole in them, or got lost in the washer!

Most subscription services will ask you some questions about your style, everyday activities, and custom options.


Joining a t-shirt club will be one of the best things you’ll ever do. They’re the most versatile clothing item, and most men always need an upgrade for various occasions.

In summer, you go through them faster than socks (no pun intended) and fill the laundry bag in a blink. In winter, they’re a staple under your dress shirts, sweaters, jackets, and jumpers.

There is a plethora of t-shirt subscriptions that will deliver your favorite t-shirts once a month or quarterly. You can choose themed, vintage, sports-inspired or simple, best quality v-neck t-shirts, such as the ones that Fresh Clean Tees subscription service offers.


How many mornings did you need to improvise after discovering that the shaving cream is gone? Or that the toothpaste and shampoo somehow “disappeared” from the shopping list, and now you need to wash your hair with soap?

Grooming subscriptions are a perfect solution for any guy. Just set it up and forget about it forever. You can choose a specific subscription, e.g., shaving essentials or a mixed box that will deliver your monthly supplies, including the aftershave and hair products.

According to, the best grooming subscription boxes for men make it easier than you might think to pick up quality, crucial grooming products at agreeable prices, month after month.

It’s great that you can easily customize the box for your skin-type, hair needs, fragrance favorites, and more in most cases. You can also opt for little surprises each month and discover new brands.


Vitamins are that thing you wish you committed to, but it just keeps slipping away.

It’s important to make it a habit and take care of your health internally. How do you remember to purchase the right ones and take them for longer than a month?

Your answer is a subscription service! says that these subscriptions ensure you always have a fresh supply of vitamins and minerals by sending a new stock of pills right to your door each month. Most of them also offer thorough analysis tools and are backed by health experts’ teams to help you decide which supplements are right for you and your lifestyle.


Everybody needs to have some fun, too, right? While the previous subscriptions cover your everyday essentials, an exciting gadget delivery box every other month or quarterly will make you feel like it’s Christmas morning.

Spend some time investigating the different offers as the tech subscriptions usually are at a higher price point. But it’s worth it! You’ll receive a few items from various brands that offer such things as earbuds, cameras, fitness tools, and more.

It’s like a 21st century Alfred to your Batman!

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