Exercising at night – how you can stay safe!


We all know how important exercising is and finding time to fit it into our hectic schedules isn’t always easy. This is why more people than ever before are exercising in the evening, as a way to decompress from work and to dedicate some time looking after their health. 

However, whether you’re cycling, jogging or even walking the dog at night you could be at risk. You may not be exercising in the dead of night, but when visibility is reduced, you should consider investing in your safety and having a safety plan in place should something go wrong. Here we’ll explore how you can exercise at night and stay safe!

Wear reflective clothing

If you’re walking or jogging along the sidewalk or along the edge of the road it makes sense to wear reflective clothing so motorists can see you. Click the link to speak to a pedestrian accident attorney (based in Houston) if you’ve been injured as a pedestrian. Brightly colored clothing will also help you stand out and be spotted from a distance. You don’t have to wear anything outlandish, but reflective stripes on your leggings or a brightly colored sweatband and matching reflective jacket will help you to be seen. Many joggers/walkers also wear headlamps for extra visibility.

Go with someone

Exercising with friends is good for you! Not only does it make it fun, but it also helps you perform better and makes you feel accountable for your health. It can also make your evening exercise sessions a little safer. Two joggers are more visible than one, and if anything does happen then one of you is there to support the other. The bigger the group, the safer you’ll feel, especially if you’re a woman exercising at night.

If you decide to bring your dog along for the session, kit them out in reflective gear so they can be seen too!

Make a plan

Anticipating the worst doesn’t make you a pessimist, it makes you much safer! Before you head out, tell a friend or family member where you’re going and the route you’re planning to take (remember to stick to it), take your fully charged phone with you in case of emergencies and consider downloading an app that live-tracks your fitness route so loved ones can monitor your movements. 

Plan your route well

When planning a route, always try to stick to well-lit areas and places where you may come across other joggers/pedestrians. In anticipation of something going wrong, consider having somewhere safe to head to if you find yourself in trouble, such as a café, a bar or a friend’s house. Many late-night exercisers also carry alarms and whistles with them, just in case of an emergency and to scare off animals or attackers. Pepper spray is also a good idea. 

And finally, don’t get distracted

If you don’t know what’s going on around you, then you could be vulnerable. Avoid listening to music at night when you’re exercising, and don’t stop to check your phone every few minutes. Keep your head up and try to spot hazards and potential dangers before you reach them. 

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  1. Malaki tlga ang risk na mapahamak sa gabi pag nagexercise kaya dapat mging maingat at salamat sa tips dpat tlga magsusuot ng nagrerelfect sa ilaw pra makita at ny kasama tlga

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