KimJe’s Grand Videoke Battle Inspired Me to Revive Family Videoke at Home

Nowadays one can find lots of fun and really entertaining clips on YouTube. The most recent one I enjoyed is the Grand Videoke Battle of Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles at KimJe TV. These two never fail to spread good vibes to their viewers. Aside from being talented singers, they also have a funny and endearing personality. In this particular video they shared the unboxing of a new Grand Videoke and showed us how to rock with it as you bond with friends and loved ones.

Just like most Pinoys our family also love to sing. Although these days most of my singing is done in the shower or during toothbrushing sessions with my daughter Sammy. Watching the clip made me miss Videoke Nights with friends and Videoke moments with my husband and daughter. It also made me realize that videoke sessions can substitute for lots of things we are missing out on while on quarantine.

Jerald held his phone up while Kim is singing as if he was in a concert. They were also moving and grooving to the music like they were in a dance party. The game mode in Grand Videoke was also really cool. It kinda gives you the feeling of being in an arcade.

KimJe looked like they were having the time of their life so I said to myself, “We can also do that in our home.” Talent or no talent, singing with friends and family is a great way to uplift spirits and spread good vibes. We appreciate those with great singing voice and indulge those who wish they’ve got a great singing voice. This is why karaokes and videokes are such a great hit in family gatherings.

Recent adjustments to the quarantine measures and “new normal” left us with little time to bond as a family. This video simply reminded me that bonding through music and singing make some of the fondest memories with friends and family. Makes me wonder if it would work on zoom so we can have a Grand e-Videoke Battle while quarantine measures are in place. But I think we need to upgrade our videoke mics to the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro that KimJe used in their battle. I really like the game mode and Perfect Pitch scoring feature. I can already picture my competitive pals rearing to outscore each other. It can also be a great learning tool for my daughter Sammy in case she wants to sing like a pro.

The Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus and the GV Smart App

It was only a quick YouTube break but it inspired me to revive Videoke bonding sessions with friends and family. I’m getting hubby to explore the Grand Videoke and pick one for us. You can also head to to learn more about their products so you can start creating good vibes through singing at home.

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  • Ito talaga ang fave kong couple Momshie Iris ? natural lang talaga sila tas nakakatuwa pa.. hehe very talented din ? Ako nga din po Miss ko na mag videoke kasi masira yung player namin

  • Alam mo mommy na surprise ako kasi couple pala talaga sila. Akala ko magka collab lang sila hehe omg! Ang ganda ng mga feutures ng gamit nila. Magagamit to ng magagaling kumanta like Jerald Napoles and Kim Molina.?

  • Sarap talaga mag videoke pang tanggal stress ko yan kahit di naman talaga maganda boses ko hahaha, ayaw sakin ng kanta talaga.Great and funny ang couple na to, very natural lang magpatawa ang jolly nila parehas

  • Halos lahat po tlaga ng mga Pilipino mahihilig kumanta po. May omasyon man po o wala. Hindi po tlaga mawawala ang videoke. Sobrang nakakatuwa at pampaalis ng stress. And sobrang nakakatuwa po Yun videoke battle ng mag-couple na Sina Jerald Naples at Kim Molina. Suoer fun at they both good in singing. Wlang itulak kabigin po. ? And the Grand Videoke was also really cool. It kinda gives you the feeling of being in an arcade.

  • Mapapa sana all kana lang talaga dito ??sana all may bounding talaga at good vibes lang lagi..

  • Hala talaga ba mommy, couple sila ?now ko lang nalaman. Yes mommy gusto ko rin videoke ang bonding naming pamilya, mahilig din kase ang hubby ko sa kantahan kahit hindi naman magaling. ?Mahilig lang sa music kahit hndi kagandahan ang boses. Great bonding talaga ang videoke.

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