If you’re a breastfeeding mom, chances are you’ve wondered if your milk supply is enough to meet your baby’s growth needs. As your baby’s only food source, I’m sure you feel the pressure!

Luckily, nowadays, maintaining a good breastmilk supply is not that difficult.  If you feel you do have low breast milk supply, there are some tips for on how to increase your breast milk supply:

  • Feed your baby regularly.
    Your breast milk is produced on a supply and demand basis. After nursing frequently for a few days, your supply will increase to meet the demand,
  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food
    Taking good care of yourself can also impact your breast milk supply, and potentially increase breast milk production.
  • Drink lactation supplements like Mommalove Lactation Milk

Nestle MommaLove is a low-fat lactation milk drink specially developed to fit the nutritional needs of Pinay breastfeeding moms. It contains 1,200mg of malunggay, wheat flakes, for fiber, plus nutrients such as iron, folate and calcium that breastfeeding moms need to ensure she is well- nourished while she takes care of her baby.

  • 1,200mg malunggay – a known galactagogue* which may help in lactation
  • Iron, folate and calcium to help make sure we mommas get the nourishment we need
  • It has wheat flakes so if you need to refuel or recharge energy while you’re breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to go for healthy, fiber-rich food.
    *Galactagogues are substances which are known to help increase breastmilk production

A delicious way to ensure moms are well-nourished habang alaga si baby — Nestle MommaLove lactation milk drink, comes in two yummy flavors.

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If you’re still worried about your milk supply, please see your doctor and/or a lactation consultant. Please get the expert support you need ?



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