It is definitely going to be a new world out there, once we emerge from the quarantine. One of the things that people are looking forward to is the chance to reconnect with their peers, face to face. Given that you will be talking under a face mask when interacting with people, it helps to have a fresh feeling in your mouth. This is where Mentos (which is available in Shopee) comes into the rescue.

Mints are always handy when it comes to keeping your breath fresh after a meal or at any time of the day. We all know how uncomfortable it is when people can tell what you ate every time you speak. This is why I always like to have some Mentos in my bag whenever I go out with friends. Aside from freshening my breath it also gives me a cool and clean feeling like I just brushed my teeth. If you’ve worn a face mask for half a day then you know that these masks start to smell like your breath after a while. So if you wish to feel fresh and confident with your mask on then having mints in your pocket is the way to go.

The good news is you can get your Mentos Sugarfree Mints on a discount in Shopee. Instead of paying Php 146 for 2 tins, you can get 2 tins for only Php 124. You also get a Soda Kick Roll for Free. This is a great deal for me because I prefer my mints in a tin can instead of a roll. Plus it’s sugarfree so I don’t have to worry about popping it in my mouth several times a day.

Those who prefer mint gums can check out the discount deal for Mentos Sugarfree Gums where you can get 2 bottles for only Php 64 instead of the regular price of Php 86. It also comes with a free soda kick roll.

But if you prefer, Mentos Soda Kick Roll only, you can get 4 Mentos Soda Kick Rolls at 50% OFF.  Or Php 11 for a Mentos Soda Kick Single Roll

If you haven’t paid much attention to mints before then you’ll find them quite handy in the new normal as you reconnect with friends. Face masks can be uncomfortable to wear so it helps to have a fresh and cool feeling in your mouth while wearing it.

You can load up on mints at a lower cost in Shopee on July 14 with special discounts and promos for Mentos products on that day. Don’t miss out on these great deals, visit MENTOS OFFICIAL STORE on Shopee.

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