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Photobook Philippines Review : Step-by-Step on How to Make a Photobook!

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  •  So you’ve had some wonderful family photos taken, what do you do with all these precious new images of your loved ones?
  • Are your photos stored on your camera or smartphone?
  • When was the last time you even printed a picture?

Special moments spent with your children are precious, whether you celebrated their birthdays, or went on a trip, or even ordinary days filled with happiness or excitement. Those memories deserve the very best.

“Want to make sure a photograph survives your lifetime? Print it out.”

Make Your Own Personalized Photo Books with Photobook

To make our memories last a lifetime, I usually create photo books online. One of my favorite site is Photobook Philippines, an online photo-printing service.

At Photobook Philippines, you can find exquisite handmade photo books that you can easily personalize.  But they are not limited to photobooks only, they also offer personalized stationaries, home decorations, calendar, and so many more!

Recently, I ordered photobooks, personalized pillows, tumblers, and luggage tags.

Luggage Tags

7 Reasons why I love Photobook Philippines

  • It has hundreds of templates, graphics and backgrounds for you to use, including themes from favorite franchises like Marvel and Disney.
  • Editable templates
  • It’s super easy to create a photo book or other personalized, since the design interface is very intuitive. You can even upload images directly from Facebook, or Google Photos.
  • Printed items were beautifully produced, with very good photo quality.
  • Offers express delivery
  • Fast Delivery from its reliable partner courier.
  • Lots of promotion offers/vouchers.

Creating personalized items with Photobook Philippines is a fast and simple – yet very effective – way of keeping treasured memories or giving a heart-felt gift without extravagant expense. Happy Photobooking!

Step-by-Step on How to Make a Photobook!

  • Visit
  • Create a Blank Photobook or choose from any of their ReadyBooks
    They have a wide range of Readybooks (Photo Album templates)
  • Choose Type of Photobook, Size, Cover Type, the Click START BOOK
  • Add and arrange your photo
    Inserting your photos is made easier with these simple and helpful features.
    Drag & Drop – Drag your photo to the image box and drop.
    Autofill – Click “Autofill” to have your photo fill the image box automatically.
    Hide Used – Slide the button to hide used photo and only show those that hasn’t been used yet.
  • Enter text and other details
  • Preview, save and name your project
    The editor allows you to do all the things above at your convenience during the designing process.
    Project Title – Give your project a name so it will be easy for you to find it later.
    Save – Save your work progress at any time, even when you’re designing halfway.
    Preview – Proof and look through your project before you proceed to order.
  • Time to order
    Once you are happy with your project, proceed to order your product by clicking on the “ORDER” button. Sign in to your account or create one if you’re a new customer.
  • Redeem and pay less
    To enjoy amazing discounts, make sure you remember to enter your voucher code, gift card or our monthly special promo code before you check out at our Shopping Cart page.


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