As we move toward the new normal, more people are starting to shift to cashless transactions. In this aspect wallet apps like GCash provide consumers with a safe, easy, and convenient way to transact without cash. With GCash you can shop, save, pay your bills, send or transfer money, buy cellphone load, etc. This app has several levels of security to make sure that transactions are safe and secure. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals who perpetuate scams and attempt to access e-wallets. Here are some of the GCash scams that have you should be wary of.

Service Charge Refund Scam

In this scam, someone posing as a GCash employee will offer a refund of the 2% service charge for your Cash-in Transactions in exchange for your personal details. Their main target is to get your 4-digit MPIN, 6-digit One-time Password (OTP), and card CVV. They will then use these information to get access to your account and get your money. Always remember that legit GCash employees and official representatives will never ever ask you for your MPIN, password, or CVV.

GCash Assistance Scam

Just as mentioned above, this scam also involves fraudsters pretending to be GCash employees or representatives. Their modus is to offer assistance in handling concerns related to your account. Then they will then ask you for your personal data, MPIN, password, and CVV number. Again, a legitimate GCash representative will never ask you for your MPIN, password, or CVV.

Spoofed 2882 or GCash SMS

These are fake messages that appear to come from GCash or their 2882 number.  These messages usually have an urgent tone with content that can trick or scare you into revealing your MPIN, OTP, or CVV. The 2882 number usually sends SMS to update you on your GCash transactions. If you receive alarming messages from this number do not respond or give any data. Instead, you can check your GCash account first to see if the transaction alert is legit. If you have any concerns regarding your account go to  and not through any other account or page.

Fake GCash Pages

Fake websites are another tool that fraudsters use to get personal data and passwords for your accounts. As such it is in your best interest to check if the site that you are visiting is the real thing. Aside from checking if the page is verified or checking the security certificate of the site, you can also look for the blue checkmark beside the GCash text for validation.

There is no question about the safety and convenience that you can enjoy from using GCash. I have been using this wallet app for years now and I’m quite happy with the service that they are providing. However, just like in banks and credit cards there are also scammers victimizing users of e-wallets. As such it is important to be aware of these scams and always remember to keep your MPIN, OTP, and CVV safe always. NEVER reveal them to anyone.

Aside from the layers of security for the GCash app, GCash also has a Customer Protect program which was launched last year.

This service provides intelligent risk management to help detect and prevent fraudulent activities. It also compensates qualified customers for unauthorized transactions of the GCash app or GCash Mastercard in cases like stolen mobile phones or identity theft.

Gcash Customer Protect Coverage

Eligible and valid disputes will be compensated based on the following:

  • For Fully Verified users, total amount of compensation shall be the actual amount of the Unauthorized Transaction reported, but in no case shall exceed Php100,000.00.
  • For Semi-Verified users, total amount of compensation shall be the actual amount of the Unauthorized Transaction reported, but in no case shall exceed Php10,000.00.
  • For Basic users, total amount of compensation shall be the actual amount of the Unauthorized Transaction reported, but in no case shall not exceed Php2,000.00.

Should you encounter any suspicious transactions, report it immediately through GCash official channels. GCash conducts its own investigations and works together with the NBI to resolve fraudulent transactions.

The existence of GCash scams can be a cause of concern for some but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the ease and convenience that this wallet app can provide. As GCash users, the Customer Protect Program and the efforts of GCash to secure our accounts increase our confidence in the product. More importantly, it gives us peace of mind to do cashless transactions online and on-site.

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