Celebrate the joy of reading on World Book Day with Rivet app

Reading is one of the activities that parents can enjoy together with their children at home. Not only is it a productive way to bond, but it is also vital to a child’s growth and development. According to a research conducted by the University of Melbourne, making time for storytelling with children at ages 4 to 5 has a positive effect on their cognitive skills, comprehension, vocabulary, and future academic success.

Recognizing the role of reading in a child’s life, UNESCO has declared the celebration of World Book Day to promote the importance of developing young readers and encouraging a lifelong interest in literature. While every day is an opportunity to explore through reading, the celebration is the perfect chance to get together with the little ones and browse through various reading materials online with Rivet.

Rivet is a free reading app that instills the habit of reading and stimulates the minds and creativity at an early age. It is designed for use by children in kindergarten up to second grade, with a number of useful features that provide kids with the best reading experience.

Comprehensive digital library with wide selection of books
Rivet has a rapidly growing library of over 3,500 free books with categories that suit every kind of young reader. Its content catalogue is reviewed by experts and is arranged according to different levels of difficulty so parents can easily find appropriate and engaging books for their kids. From animals in the wild, planets from outer space, to interesting stories about history, Rivet’s collection of books and genres will certainly help kids discover a passion for reading.

Hands-on reading assistance
The reading app is built using cutting edge speech technology which allows for unique support and help to kids while they are reading. Some of the assistive features include:

Tap for Help which they can use to the right pronunciation of a word.

Say the Word which shows them what parts of the word were said correctly and which parts they need to work on.

There is also Definitions and Translations which pulls up meanings for every word along with translations available in 25 languages. Meanwhile, the Follow Along feature reads full-pages out loud so kids can listen as they read books. It also gives them Real-Time Feedback on their reading skills so they can develop confidence to practice on their own.

Points and badges for encouragement
Rivet is also introducing rewards and other features to keep kids excited and motivated to read. Besides allowing them to customize their Rivet accounts with avatars and themes to match their interests, points, badges, and games are also waiting for them each time they complete a book.

Kids can also rate and review books which helps them reflect on the material they have read.

When they finish reading, children are also encouraged to continue on by showing the most relevant books for them afterwards.

There is a whole world of books and fun reading experiences waiting for the kids at Rivet. The reading app is available for download on Android smartphones and tablets, Chromebooks, iPhones, iPads, and Kindle Fire. Learn more about Rivet at https://rivet.area120.com/.

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