Bangon! A Business Continuity Effort for Filipino Businesses

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact businesses on a global scale – losses incurred due to business closure during the outbreak, staff layoffs, and a probable economic crisis looming, it is becoming more and more essential for businesses to become more prepared and resilient in the coming months.

The team at FastJobs has seen this urgency and thus put together a comprehensive business continuity guide for employers to use in order to come up with their own strategy to ensure that business operations will be able to continue in the coming days or be able to resume normalcy once the pandemic situation dies down.

“We hope that this Guide will help companies to accelerate their business continuity planning and efforts.” said Sebastian Raphael San, General Manager of FastJobs Philippines. “FastJobs is more than just jobs, we care for our Community-at-large and HR Partners.”

In today’s situation, there is no such thing as competition because we are all on the same boat and as leaders, now’s the time to go hand in hand to ensure the protection of their people’s livelihood.

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