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Singapore is one of the cleanest, safest, and most beautiful countries in the world. The cosmopolitan landscape, beaches and nature reserves in this small city-state is a balance of the modern and fast-paced lifestyle and a laid-back or carefree kind of life. Also, one couldn’t help but admire the efficiency of how things run in this country. For instance, Changi Airport is one of the best airports in Asia. They also have an excellent public transportation system.

Aside from that, they also have a colorful and diverse culture and cuisine where east meets west. Tourists and guests also have no trouble getting along with their well-disciplined and good-mannered citizens. As such, it is easy to understand why people would want to seek Permanent Residency there. In terms of economy, Singapore is an Asian Tiger that has enjoyed huge economic growth in the past years. This makes them an attractive destination for Filipinos who are seeking career and business growth opportunities outside the country.

I have some friends who are already Permanent Residents of Singapore and they are doing quite well. They are very happy with their Permanent Resident (SPR) status and it makes me want to consider exploring opportunities there too.

However, just like any opportunity abroad, there are immigration issues that need to be addressed. If you are contemplating getting your own Permanent Residency status too then its best to do your homework first. You can get started by checking government websites, reading articles and opinions of immigration experts to get the information you need. Here are some of the tidbits I gathered from my own search.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Benefits of having a Singapore Permanent Resident Status

Stable Immigration Status. One of the hassles of traveling and working abroad is the visa requirements that non-residents have to comply with. Not just that, you also have to deal with visa and permit renewals if you want to stay longer. This can give you a sense of instability in your immigration status. However, if you have a PR then this issue is easily resolved. Singapore PR holders are entitled to stay in the country for long periods of time provided that their PR status is valid. As such their visa is more flexible to meet work, study, or retirement needs and would not require frequent renewals or applications for an extension.

Employment, livelihood, and other income opportunities. A Singapore PR (SPR) can open a lot of doors of opportunity in terms of career and income. Employers prefer hiring people with permanent residence because it spares them from the burden of obtaining a work permit and other documents that the government requires for non-residents. Permanent residents also get to enjoy better access to local jobs and civil service posts. In terms of investments and business ventures, a permanent residence allows you to put up your own business without a local partner or representative. There are also lesser regulations and requirements for SPRs compared to non-residents.

Education and healthcare benefits. Living in the Lion City gives you access to world-class educational and medical facilities. However, citizens and permanent residents of this country are able to enjoy more with subsidized rates for public medical services and government-supported infant care facilities. They are also given admission priority in public schools and lower fees compared to foreign students.

Visa Sponsorship for family members. Your PR status makes your parents, spouse, and children eligible for a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP). You can apply for their LTVP so they can stay with you as you pursue your golden dreams in Singapore.

Loans and real estate purchases. Access to funds to grow your business or buy a home provides you with a sense of security. As an SPR you can apply for loans and mortgages to secure your future or for whatever needs you may have. PR status holders can also buy second-hand units of government housing or flats and condominiums. Thus, further securing your life and future in Singapore.

Retirement. After building a career in Singapore, permanent residents can enjoy their golden years and retire there should they choose to do so. SPR can benefit from the Central Provident Fund (CPF) for their retirement.

Eligibility to full citizenship. The rights and privileges of an SPR are second only to that of a citizen. If you want to enjoy the same rights and benefits as the citizens of Singapore, then getting yourself a PR status is your first step. Holding a permanent resident status makes you eligible for full citizenship after two years or so.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: What is the Best Way to Get Singapore PR?

If you ask me, the simplest and easiest way to go is through the experts. Applying for a Visa can be a tedious process and your fate is usually left in the hands of the immigration officer. You can up your chances of getting your SPR approved by doing things right the first time. Immigration Specialists from Paul Immigrations have the experience and know-how in preparing you and the documents you need for your application. Securing and organizing the documents alone can take time if you don’t know what you are doing. Asking the experts for help can simplify everything for you. They can even help you get a competitive edge with professionally crafted covered letters and a well-organized presentation of documents. But most importantly, they can guide and prep you through the whole process so you don’t have to be on the edge of your seat all the time.

How to apply for Singapore PR?

You can start the ball rolling by getting in touch with an Immigration Consultant (IC) you can trust. These experts and consultants will go over the process with you step by step. Here is what you can expect on a Singapore PR application process.

  • Eligibility Assessment via Telephone Call from IC. In this step, the IC simply gathers basic information from clients or applicants through phone interviews and assesses their profile to check if they are eligible to apply for Singapore PR.
  • In-person Appointment. Based on the initial interview, the IC will schedule an in-person meeting with the client. In this meeting, the client will be requested to present a work pass to be verified by the IC. After gauging the merits of the application, the IC will go over the factors that may affect the PR approval with the client. Then the client can decide whether or not to avail of the services in their application.
  • Submission of documents to an Immigration Specialist (IS). The client will be requested to submit documents required by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Form 4A, and other essential documents. The IS shall compile the documents and advise the client if they meet the PR criteria and requirements specified by the ICA.
  • PR application paperwork completion. The IS shall accomplish the PR application form using the information provided in the client’s documents. A personalized cover letter shall also be included in the paperwork to highlight the applicant’s commitment to the community and Singapore as a whole.
  • Submission of client’s PR application. Once the application paperwork is deemed complete, the IS shall guide the applicant to submit the application online. If the client wishes to be guided by the IS and prefers to have the expert with him or her during the submission then, he or she can schedule an in-person meeting with the IS.
  • PR application result. Once the application is submitted, there is nothing left to do but wait. It usually takes 4 to 6 months to assess PR applications in Singapore. But regardless of the result, the IS will be there to advise the client on the next step or course of action to take.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Success Strategy

In general, applicants for Permanent Residency rely on their own resources and strategies during the application process. However, without the proper know-how, this can put your chances of approval at great risk. On the other hand, there are PR applicants who simply breeze through with the help of the right experts. This particular immigration consultancy firm, for instance, has enjoyed a high success rate over the years and has earned the trust of their clients.

In my opinion, an immigration consultancy like this can help me be more confident with my application and give me a competitive edge against other applicants. I am also impressed with their service portfolio that includes Policy Knowledge and Professional Case Management, Strong and Complete Documents Package, Strategic Approach in Handling Case Issues, and Efficient Service to minimize hassle and time wastage. Aside from helping you complete the documentary requirements, being there to lead and guide you through the process is one of the valuable services that this firm can provide.

Take no chances with your PR application. Your best success strategy right now is to consult success-driven experts like Paul Immigrations.

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