Banking on MOFIT for Your Power Needs While on the Go

Most people rely on their mobile devices for a lot of things like morning alarm, navigation, entertainment, etc. This is why it is such a hassle when the battery on your mobile phone runs out, especially when you are on the road. In my case, I make sure that our mobile devices never run out of power with the use of MOFIT power banks.

Our family loves to travel and go on road trips. During such trips we use mobile apps like waze for navigation and online entertainment sites for music or movies for Sam. Thus having back-up power for our devices is a travel essential for us. We have our own share of dismal experiences with power banks that don’t deliver what they promised. I think we have tried more than 10 different brands of power banks over the years. But my current bet for premium quality and affordable power banks is MOFIT. This international brand of mobile accessories offers a wide range of power banks and charging cables with simple yet sophisticated design to fit modern lifestyles. You can easily find a product to support the daily charging requirements of your devices not just for travel but for regular days too.

I am currently using the MOFIT M201 which has a 20000mAh capacity and fast charging technology packed in a hand size Digi power bank. It matches the “charging” needs of my Huawei Mate 20 Pro which is equipped with a big battery. I also get to use it for my spare mobile phone that Sam uses. It’s a bit heavier and bulkier compared to other models from the same brand. But I find it very handy for overnight trips so I always bring it along.

If you are looking for a BIG CAPACITY, the MOFIT M201 is for you. It has Type C INPUT which can fully charge your power bank in just 4 hours. This portable charger has an IQ Intelligent Recognition and identification technology solution that can automatically detect the current through its outputs to meet the charging requirements of your device.

My husband uses the MOFIT M101 for his iPhone 6s. It has 10000mAh capacity, lightweight, and fast charging as well. This power bank allows him to charge his phone 4 times although specs indicate it provides 2 ½ charges for apple and android devices.

MOFIT M101 is the newest lightweight charging device in the market that you can get your hands on. Fitted-out with a stylish carbon fiber texture, M101 offers a good grip and comfortable touch to users. It has a built-in LED Digital Display Indicator that gives you an accurate percentage level of your portable charger’s device battery life. Equipped with Mofit Multi Protect Safety System, MOFIT provides more advance protection on all your devices.


The common features that we love in these two power banks include the LED Digital Display Indicator and dual USB output. The LED indicator lets you know how much power is left in the bank thereby allowing you to manage the “supply” you need for your travels. We also love the fast charging benefits of the USB output. But most of all it’s the quality, affordability, and efficiency of these power banks that we love. I know some people who go for cheap or fake ones so they don’t have to spend much on power banks.

But why go for fakes when you’ve got a real and premium quality power bank that you can afford?

Our MOFIT power banks have never let us down in both our travel and daily charging needs. As such, I can say that based on experience these are reliable power banks that you can bank on. They are available at Lazada and Shopee or you can visit for more details.

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