Five Ways to Make a Long Road Trip More Fun for Your Family

There is a lot of excitement as everyone anticipates a road trip. Then, when everyone has been in the car for a few hours, they stop looking forward to the road trip and instead dream of finally getting to your destination. Spending hours in the car can be very boring!

It’s true that a certain level of discomfort and boredom can’t be avoided when the family is packed into a van, but there are some things you can do to liven up the time you spend together crammed into a vehicle.

Let Student Drivers Get Behind the Wheel

Keeping kids entertained in the car is different depending on how old your kids are. If they are old enough to drive, why not let them practice?

It’s a good idea to make sure they have their learner’s permit or their license. It’s also a good idea to review the rules of the road with an online quiz. Most young drivers haven’t spent a lot of time on the interstate or highways, so reviewing the rules ensures they know what to do behind the wheel when they’re going over 55mph.

A few tips for letting your teen drive on your road trip include:

  • Keep their time behind the wheel short by taking frequent breaks.
  • Only let them drive during the day, outside of rush hour.
  • They do not have to pass in the left-hand lane if they aren’t comfortable.

Make Sure the Kids Bring Entertainment

In the 21st century, there’s no excuse for kids to be bored in the car at least for a few hours at a time. That’s because technology can go anywhere, including the car.

Make sure the kids bring plenty of entertainment. Phones can serve as music players, and you can bet your teen will spend their time in the car texting their friends.

Phones make good video players, but tablets are better because they have larger screens. You can also queue up some of the best road trip movies ahead of time so all your passengers have to do is click on which one they want to watch.

If you have very little children, bringing movies can be helpful, but toys can be helpful too. Make sure your toddler has their favorite lovey, as well as a few books and toys that will keep them entertained.

Play Road Games

What did people do to keep the family entertained in the car before cell phones and tablets? They played road trip games, of course!

There are a lot of fun games to choose from. They include:

  • I Spy
  • 21 Questions
  • Would You Rather
  • Road Trip Alphabet
  • The Quiet Game
  • Punchy Buggy
  • Car Bingo

Sing Along to Your Favorite Tunes

Carpool Karaoke with James Corden has made singing in the car cool. Why not do a little singing in the car yourself?

You can always sing your favorite tunes while your teens roll their eyes in the backseat, but if you want to make it a family thing, you have to be careful about what music you choose.

Create a playlist ahead of time that includes some of their favorite songs. Add sing-along classics, like Old MacDonald, if you have very young children in the car.

It can also be a lot of fun to use your next road trip as an opportunity to share some of your favorite music with your teens, while they share some of their favorite music with you. Play some of the best road trip songs of all time, and let them play through the album they have had on repeat.

Make Frequent Stops

Even if you’re playing games and watching movies, spending hour after hour in the car can still get boring. When you’re confined to such a small space, it won’t take long for you and the rest of your crew to get stiff either.

Road trips are a lot more fun if you make frequent stops. That might mean pulling over at roadside attractions, but you don’t need to see a sign for the world’s largest frying pan to stop the car.

Invent reasons to make a quick stop. Pull over and take photos of the family on a scenic road or make a quick pit stop as you’re driving through the city.

Life is about the journey—not the destination. Your road trip is the same way! Make your time in the car just as much fun as your destination by modifying the tips on this list for your family.

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