Shoes for Nurses- What are the greatest benefits?

Standing on your feet for a longer time period can be more exhausting than running a 10-km marathon, considering the fact that foot strain starts moving up and down your spine, causing an unbearable back pain. Experiencing this strain on a daily level, can be a real agony, which unfortunately some professions are bound to endure.

Nurses, being one of these professions, spend the largest part of their long-lasting shifts in standing or walking. In order to survive these fatiguing shifts, they need comfortable shoes which would reduce the strain, ease their movement and increase their safety.

In addition, the perfect shoe for healthcare providers – nurses – hospitals should provide excellent support, comfort, anti-slippery effect as well as greater convenience. Read more about its benefits in detail.

Improved safety

Most of the nursing shoes are made to be slip-resistant, due to the high probability of having an accident by slipping on the hospital floors. These floors have to be disinfected at all times by using a disinfector which creates a slippery effect.

However, slip-resistant shoes prevent unexpected falls as a result of their rubber sole which isn’t supposed to be extremely thick. This sole enables nurses to move safely without fearing the consequences of falling and acquiring a bad injury.

Moreover, the light weight of the shoes along with their anti-slippery feature, provide nurses with the much needed speed for moving around the hospital and doing their job as efficiently as possible. If a nurse is walking across the halls with extreme caution, she/he is wasting precious time as well as reducing the required productivity.

Greater comfort

Comfort is obligatory when it comes to nursing shoes. Nurses are known for working long hours, being constantly on the go and having no time to rest their feet. Therefore, all hospital clogs and sneakers have to be specially designed to support the feet in order to prevent strain transfer from your feet to your back. Wearing shoes without any kind of support or cushion gradually results in a terrible back pain.

Therefore, hospital clogs have a special strap on the back of the foot, which ensures greater stability of the leg and prevents ankle spraining. Read more about the importance of arch support for your foot health.

More practical

Nursing shoes have to be highly practical from various aspects. Naturally, being white indicates regular cleaning which depends largely on the material. The ones made of rubber, such as clogs, are very convenient for cleaning as you need nothing more than a moistened cloth to remove all the stains and dirt.

Another practical aspect is having no laces, as nurses lack the time for tying and untying their footwear multiple times during the day. In addition, untied laces can cause a real accident in critical situations like surgeries, if some of the medical attendants suddenly trips over them.

Furthermore, it’s essential to be as easy to slip on and slip off as possible. This feature aids nurses in many ways such as: saving extra time, avoiding contact with the shoes, thus preventing bacteria transfer and greater convenience for slipping them off at the end of the shift.

Greater longevity and affordable price

The best nursing shoes are supposed to be made from top-notch materials in order to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. High-quality rubber is one of the most commonly used materials due to its durability.

Moreover, although many people believe that there’s a limited choice of hospital footwear, nowadays there’s a wide range of designs to choose from. You can match a solid material with a nice-looking design.

Regarding their price, there’s a huge selection of clogs and hospital sneakers, varying in cost in accordance with their quality. When it comes to comfort, it’s always better to pay a higher price as your feet and back will thank you later. Visit the following link:, to check the average price of nursing footwear on the market.

Wrap up

Being a medical provider means taking care not only of the health of your patients, but of yours as well.

Protect your foot health by choosing the most comfortable, endurable and practical footwear!

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