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The modern man of today seems to be getting more stylish. I know when I look over at my husband’s side of the walk-in wardrobe, there are rails of boots lined up. For me, they all look the same. Brown. But he insists, probably like I do for the 100 pairs of shoes I own, that he ‘needs’ them and they are ‘all’ different.

So, I leave him to his monotony of brown boots and get on with my shoe collection.

Measuring your Feet for Boots.

Some shops offer the service of measuring your feet for you while in-store, especially shoe shops that are for more orthopedically inclined style shoes or kids’ feet. They have wide or narrow options, high-arch low-arch, and of course the finger space test for the front.

But if you are like me and don’t allow anyone within a mile of your feet, and not with their hands, then there are steps you can take and measure your feet at home. There’s also an easy to watch guide that will show you how.

Stand on a piece of paper on the floor big enough to fit your foot and have some space all the way around. Outline your foot.

Mark the highest points at the top and bottom and draw a line the length of the picture. Do the same with the widest points and draw the line. Write the measurements along the side of each line.

At the bottom of the page write these measurements and subtract 3/16ths of an inch from each to allow for the gap of the line and drawing.

Look for your foot measurements on the sizing chart for your country. Also, men and women are different so be sure to check the correct column.

Boots for Working.

You always see men in thick looking caramel color boots on the job sites with their overalls and hard hats. While those boots aren’t always attractive, they are specially designed. Not only will they have steel toes, but certainly some type of waterproof layer.

This is great for not having to worry about sloshing around in your drenched socks inside your boots all day. And accidents can happen, a cup of coffee can get knocked over and suddenly, you’re the guy with the coffee foot for the rest of the week.

There are some great products on the market at the moment, Ever Boots – Waterproof Boots Collection has a good selection of styles and products. If you are not sure what is right for you, have a look at what they have to offer.

3 Top Waterproof Sprays for Boots.

  • Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain is good if you want something that is for all material types and don’t want a shelf of just shoe protecting sprays filling the cupboard.
  • Collonil Carbon Pro is the option if you’re looking for a lot of breathability in your protection.
  • Kiwi Camp Dry heavy duty water repellent for those looking for the hulk of waterproof sprays.

Advantages of Using Waterproof Boots.

Besides, the obvious reason for keeping our feet warm and dry, there are a few more perks than you think when it comes to waterproofness.

If you are on-site a lot, or in a job that requires walking through sections of water then it’s going to protect you from any contamination that might in the water. Keeping you hygienic.

Waterproof boots usually have a thick rubber sole which helps you keep a grip and traction on slippery surfaces, where you might be concentrating on other tasks.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant.

When it comes to getting your pair of boots, besides the choice of style, you need to look for what you are going to be using them for.

Water Resistant boots have had the top material, or top section treated and sprayed with a protective layer to adsorb moisture, but these layers wear off with time so you will need to retreat them to keep being protected.

A pair of boots that essentially have another thin boot sewn into them, usually in a Gore-Tex material, is what makes them waterproof and stops any water from actually reaching your socks.

Who knew we couldn’t just go out and buy a pretty pair of work boots, we have to be all adult and grown up and do research? Yuck.

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