Benefits of Skullcap Root Extract for Your Skin

Skullcap root has been used for centuries to treat disease, both interior and exterior. The plant, a purple-flowering member of the mint family, has been well known for its anti-inflammatory properties that help keep infection under control, and even contain a wide range of antioxidants that are believed to help prevent cancer growth. However, it hasn’t been until recent years that people have begun experimenting with the extract of this root as a component in creating the best organic face wash possible. While skullcap root may be a relative newcomer to the world of skincare, it’s quickly making a big name for itself with its many benefits.

It Reduces Redness and Puffiness

Various civilizations have been using skullcap root to treat inflammation for over 2,000 years. It’s these same anti-inflammatory properties that make this root’s extract a potent treatment for redness and puffiness in skin. Like many forms of mint, skullcap root extract is soothing and cooling. When applied to irritated skin, the oil soaks into the inflamed areas and calms the skin from the inside out, leading to immediately noticeable effects.

It Tightens Skin

Skullcap root extract not only reduces redness, puffiness and common forms of acne, but it also works to tighten skin and make it look younger. One of the extract’s chief antioxidants, baicalein, works to reverse the aging process by stopping the destruction of your telomeres. Over time, the telomeres in your skin are destroyed by sun and toxins in the air around you. It’s this that leads to sagging, older-looking skin around the face. Baicalein prevents these telomeres from being destroyed and beings repairing those that have already been damaged.

It Fights Sun Damage

Aside from being an excellent oil treatment for acne, skullcap root extract is also excellent for combatting the negative effects of the sun on skin. The sun’s dangerous UV rays are a leading cause of blemishes, redness, wrinkles and premature aging for skin of all types, and this extract provides an excellent way to keep those effects at bay. This is thanks to the trio of rich antioxidants naturally found in its formula, which consist of:

  • Baicalein
  • Oroxlyin A
  • Wogonin

Both Oroxylin A and Wogonin offer unbeatable sun protection, while Baicalein works to make skin look younger achieve the important job of inhibiting melanin production, which is imperative to preventing skin damage while in the sun and the formation of certain types of skin cancers down the line.

It’s Natural

Perhaps the best part about skullcap root extract is that it’s all-natural. That means you’re able to reap all of these benefits without worrying about negative side effects associated with washes made from artificial chemicals. This gentleness and naturalness is also what makes this extract an ideal acne treatment while nursing, allowing you to keep pristine, glowing skin without worrying about the impact on your infant’s health.

At the end of the day, your skin’s health should be one of your top priorities. Skullcap extract is packed full of benefits that will help you achieve your best skin yet. Incorporate this into your daily skincare routine and get the smooth, soft, young skin you’ve been missing with a product that’s as reliable as it is natural.

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