It’s #BuSOLB Tummies at SOLBgyeopsal

Much as I love going on a food trip I‘d rather not spend hours in traffic just to get to the latest foodie hub. The next best thing to do is to scout nearby areas for foodie hotspots. Our recent move to a new house in North Caloocan led to the discovery of SOLBgyeopsal Korean Restaurant.

My husband spotted this restaurant in our normal route along Commonwealth Avenue Greater Lagro and decided that it’s worth a try. He proved to be right so when our cousins came to visit we went back there for a Samgyeopsal treat.

Our discovery was quite timely because my cousins happen to crave for Korean BBQ when they came to visit. Instead of taking them to our usual Samgyeopsal place, we took them someplace new. SOLBgyeopsal is a Korean Restaurant that caters to your Samgyeopsal cravings. It is located above a car wash so you can multi-task and have your car washed while giving your tummies and taste buds some pampering too.

Nagpacarwash na rin kami =D

The restaurant looked nice with warm lighting that gives it a cozy feel and walls that are instagram-worthy. We went there during lunch time and availed of their promo. If you dine at SOLBgyeopsal from Mon-Thu between 10am to 4pm, you can avail of their Php249 UNLI pork or a Php349 UNLI pork and beef. This is perfect for Samgyeopsal lovers who don’t want to spend a lot to satisfy their cravings.

For only Php249 you get to enjoy UNLI pork, UNLI cheese, and UNLI side dishes. You also get free Kimchi Stew or Kimchi Jjigae with your meal.

As for the Php349 promo, you get the same UNLI pork and beef, cheese and side dishes, free Kimchi Stew and a bonus of free steamed egg for every 2 UNLI diners. Being the foodies that we are, we ordered the Php349 or UNLI pork and beef samgyeopsal.

Unlike our other Korean BBQ experiences, the SOLBgyeopsal samgyeopsal didn’t come with any dipping sauce. The pork and beef strips were already well flavoured and no longer required any sauce to go with it. I particularly liked the Beef Bulgogi while my husband loved the sweet and spicy kick of GoChujang beef.

SOLBgyeopsal offers value-for-money premium meat!

The meat was flavoured just right and goes well with all their side dishes which included Kongnamul Muchim (Seasoned Soybean Sprouts), Kimchi, Algamja-Jorim (Braised Baby Potatoes), Japchae (Glass Noodles), Myeolchi-Bokkeum (Anchovies), Oden Bokkeum (Fish Cake), and Goguma Mattang (Sweet Potatoes).

My daughter Sammy loved having a go at the cheese and side dishes like braised baby potatoes, japchae, peanuts, and anchovies.

And for my cousins, hayaan ko na lang sila magsabi sanyo =D

Just like we did on our first visit to this resto, my cousins enjoyed everything that was served. As my husband would put it we were “solb na solb”. Read his blog: Samgyeopsal Cravings and Hunger Pangs Solved at SOLBgyeopsal

Pwede ding umorder ng Premium Beef nila, Ala Carte for Php129

We all got #BuSOLB with our SOLBgyeopsal experience. With affordable pricing, nice ambiance, and great tasting food, SOLBgyeopsal can easily be a fave samgyeopsal stop for everyone. Now my cousins are wishing that they’ve got a branch near their home in the Rizal area.

SOLBgyeopsal Menu

SOLBgyeopsal Menu
SOLBgyeopsal Side Dish
You can order Ala Carte (Try their Bibimbap – The BEST!!!)
SOLBgyeopsal Set Menu

Located at Commonwealth Avenue corner Milano drive, Greater Lagro, Quezon City, SOLBgyeopsal serves unlimited Korean barbecue at budget-friendly prices.


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