ARC Refreshments Corporation Brings Flavorful Activities at Ultramega Expo

MANILA, OCTOBER, 2019ARC Refreshments Corporation (ARC), the licensed bottler of RC Cola International in the Philippines, engaged local retailers and wholesale buyers with fun and rewarding booth activities during the Ultramega Expo held on October 4-6, 2019 at the PICC Forum Tent, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

With this year’s theme Success City, the three-day event featured booths designed as establishments divided in four major areas: Winning Boulevard, Excellence Avenue, Profit Street, and Growth Lane.

ARC gave an amazing experience at the Winning Boulevard as it showcased its products through an interactive Internet Café. During the first and second day, visitors get to register and receive a passport, which granted them access to play different booth activities:

  • PC Game tournament. Visitors played NBA 2K Live, earning them a stamp and ARC products.
  • Rush Hour. Every two hours, winners were drawn from the registration list and win exciting items.
  • Eco-shoot. Sampling cups were crushed and thrown into a giant ARC bin. A successful shot earns a visitor 1 stamp and free ARC products.
  • End of Day Raffle. A passport with 2 stamps earns visitors a raffle entry for a chance to win an exclusive prize from ARC

Six lucky winners, namely Armilyn Paolos, Josefina Llado, Emy de Silva, Ma. Theresa Camarinta, Luzonia Abordo, and Jenny Cleotas, received exclusive gift packs from ARC during the Rush Hour Raffle.

Guests get to taste the refreshing variety of ARC products like: ARC, Fruit Soda Orange, Juicy Lemon, Arcy’s Root Beer, and Seetrus.

On the third day of the expo, ARC products were sold as visitors enjoyed amazing discounts and freebies! Visitors did not pass the chance to enjoy the 30 peso discount per case of ARC 1.5L while some got to take home coolers for wholesale purchases.

Everyone’s a winner as they went home with cans of ARC in their hands and happy smiles on their faces.

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