5 Cool Accessories to Show Your Support for Your Favorite Team this UAAP Season

Every year, the competition between 8 revered Metro Manila universities heats up when UAAP season comes around. Whether you’re a Blue Eagles or a Growling Tigers fan, represent your favorite varsity team by sporting one of these cool accessories:

Smartphone Cases

What better way to represent for your team than by proudly displaying their colors on the gadget that you use the most? You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t own a smartphone nowadays; we use them to stay in touch with our loved ones, quickly look up information, and rely on them for entertainment. Putting a case on your phone also protects it from incidental drops and scratches that could damage its exterior. Phone cases come in all kinds of styles and colors, so you’re sure to find something that expresses your personality and team spirit.

Customized Wristbands

Nothing says sporty quite like a custom silicone wristband. These gel bracelets first achieved mainstream popularity in 2004, when Lance Armstrong began sporting LIVESTRONG bands to raise awareness for cancer. Since then, they have also been known as “awareness bracelets” and can still be seen on the wrists of many famous athletes today. Custom silicone wristbands come in a variety of colors and can be embossed or debossed with your team’s name, a motivational cheer, or any design you can think of. Distribute them among your friends and show off your school loyalty in style!

Sports Tumblers

While not strictly an item that can be called a fashion accessory, many students and young professionals carry sports or water tumblers as a convenient way to keep a beverage or some water close by when they need it. It’s a cheaper, more environment-friendly alternative to buying bottled drinks from a convenience store or mini-mart. With a sports tumbler, you minimize the proliferation of single-use plastics, and you can just fill up at a free drinking water station when you’re running low. Certain types of tumblers can even keep your drink nice and cool for hours—a clear advantage over disposable plastic bottles.

Many university merchandise shops have sports and water tumblers embossed with the school’s logo for sale. For a low-cost option that doesn’t skimp on school spirit, you can cover your existing tumbler with stickers or just use one in your school’s colors.

Enamel Pins

Everything old is new again, as ‘80s and ‘90s accessories are recently coming back into fashion. Driven by popular shows such as Stranger Things and AHS 1984, patches and enamel pins are an unobtrusive, low-effort way to show off slogans that you support, fandoms you belong to, and yes, even your love for your favorite varsity team! Put them all over your most comfortable pair of jeans, adorn your denim jacket’s collar and pockets with them, or bring your entire collection with you by using enamel pins to accent your basic daily bag.


Whether you’re a university student or a young professional, you are probably expected to keep your ID on you at all times when you’re on school or company premises. It most likely came with a basic lanyard that can only be described as “functional” at best. Since you’re going to be using it almost every day, why not treat it as a fashion accessory and support your favorite UAAP team while you’re at it? Your university bookstore likely carries a selection of lanyards that you can use to jazz your everyday outfits up. If you find their offerings lacking, you can also get custom vinyl or nylon lanyards made to your specifications for a statement piece that’s uniquely yours.

Take your school spirit to the next level by adding one of these accessories in your favorite team’s colors to your outfit today!

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