How to farm money in Borderlands 3 fast?

The amount of plundering that one can do in Borderlands 3 is insane, the map is stretched onto unimaginable lengths and it has a surprise waiting for you on every corner and you have the choice of going on with the main story, do side missions or just wreak havoc anywhere you want.There are certain ways of getting good gear in Borderlands 3 and that requires Borderlands 3 money, so the objective is actually getting rich and getting badass guns. There are ways like vending machines, trying your luck at the slots at Mad Moxxi’s bar or just killing people.


Across the whole map you will probably be going through a lot of crates, chests, containers and all sorts so make sure to open them all as some of them contain a boatload of Borderlands 3 money, and it can seem tedious to open all of them but this way you still get ammunition and guns which you can sell to vending machines so you can in the end get money out of it.


In Borderlands 3, you will encounter many challenges and by challenges I mean enemies that you need to kill, with so many foes that will be spread across Borderlands 3 there is always a risk, so you need to measure that before you go in guns blazing. It is not always economical to go try to kill an enemy with a much higher level than yours because in the end, trust me, you will die and will end up paying for the respawn at Hyperion’s New-U.


While there will be normal enemies on the map there will be ones which are cowards and they will try to run away because they have a lot of loot, enemies mentioned with the word ‘loot’ are the ones you need to kill right away and get what you can from them, mostly it’s a lot of money and rare loot that if you don’t use for yourself you can sell for a profit.


One of the very reliable ways to make money in Borderlands 3 is to complete all quests, should it be the side ones or main story ones. They have major payouts so getting through these quests will bring in a lot of revenue for you, and the additional gear you can get you can sell it. Lastly, try to complete the optional objectives they bring in more money which you can obtain amazing gear with or even sell it for cold hard cash on platforms like Eldorado.


Now this is only available if you have bought the deluxe version of the game, so with this version every new character starts out with the Rubber Cheddar Shredder Grenade. This grenade has a modifier called ‘Make it Rain’ which has a pretty sweet feature and according to the description listed with it, it will make enemies “drop a holy metric buttload of cash” whenever they take damage so with this you will be dealing damage and will be generating a lot of money for yourself as well.

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