If you’re hoping for a career as a performer, you may be wondering what steps to take to put you in the right direction. Talent and ability are crucial to making a profession out of singing or acting, but it takes much more than being a good entertainer to make it in any genre or realm. If you have the skill and the drive, here are three important steps to take as you pursue a career as a performing artist.

Find a Good Agent

Whether you’re looking for your first agent or have gained experience and need a higher-level professional like David Guillod, hiring a talent manager can make a huge difference in the overall trajectory of your future as a performer. While it may be intimidating and can seem like an unnecessary expense for beginners, agents can direct you to potential auditions and jobs that you may have otherwise never found on your own. Any experience is worthwhile and some extra help finding it could be well worth the cost.

Take Some Classes

Even the most naturally talented musicians and thespians need training and critique to hone their craft. If you’re serious about performing, find some reputable coaches or classes to help you branch out into new techniques or develop your natural skills. Be sure to thoroughly research your options and choose instructors and institutions that are accredited or associated with professionally recognized organizations.

Audition for Everything

If there is an opportunity to perform, take it. Remember that any type of experience is never wasted, even if it only involves smaller background roles or parts. Take the opportunity to learn more about the environment, expectations and realities of performing in these types of settings. It’s also important to get comfortable and proficient at the audition process so you’ll be more at ease for the ones that matter the most.

Supporting yourself as a performer can be a long, tough road. However, putting yourself in the best position for success can make all the difference in the opportunities you’ll encounter.

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