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How to Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning

Heatwaves are in no short supply this summer. With temperatures getting hotter and hotter, people need to find a way to beat the heat and not just stay cool, but stay safe. Extreme heat can be hazardous to some, and can even cause serious illness. Heat advisories and warnings should always be taken seriously, but what can you do yourself to keep cool?

The most obvious is to stay inside where it’s air-conditioned. If you’re fortunate enough to have air conditioning, the choice is easy – hide out at home all day until the heat passes. Maybe you have air conditioning but it needs repairing, and in this case, you should get a jump on fixing it before the next heat wave comes. Technicians may not be available during a heat wave due to a lot of people suddenly installing new units or getting theirs fixed, so get ahead of it and go online and search for “air conditioner repair near me” to get you started.

However, if you don’t have air conditioning or can’t afford to get it fixed, you will need to find other ways to keep cool. Look no further, because here are some great tips on how to avoid the heat without air conditioning.

Visit the community pool

If there’s a pool nearby, it’s a great idea to go swimming to refresh yourself. Keep in mind the pool may not be shaded, so be sure to wear sunscreen and take lots of breaks in the shade to avoid too much exposure from the sun.

Go to the beach

Being near water means the air is slightly cooler, and most likely breezier, so heading down to the beach is a good way to stay cool. Make sure you have protection from the sun, though, because sitting on the hot sand all day soaking up the sun’s rays won’t help you cool off, even if you’re in and out of the water. Bring a giant beach umbrella or some other kind of shade structure to give yourself some respite from the sun. Be sure to have sunscreen on as well, and bring plenty of hydrating and refreshing drinks.

Go to a public place with air conditioning

A great way to keep cool for longer periods of time is to go to a public place that is fully air conditioned, like a shopping mall, restaurant, or movie theater. If you don’t have it in the budget to spend all day at a venue that costs money, you can choose the cheaper options like fast food restaurants or coffee shops, or head to free places like libraries, community centers, or local cooling centers that are specifically set up for heat waves.

Freeze your sheets

This might seem a bit unconventional or bizarre at first glance, but if you try it, you’ll find out why people recommend it. A few hours before you want to go to sleep, grab the sheets from your bed and fold them neatly before putting them in a freezer bag. Make sure the bag is sealed, since it’s going to go into your freezer, and you don’t want any frozen foods to touch your bedsheets.

As you’re heading to your room to go to sleep, take your sheets out and unfold them and remake your bed. When you get into bed, you’ll be greeted with a refreshing cool feeling that will keep your body more temperate and help you fall asleep, even in the heat. For a bonus cooling, put your pajamas in the freezer too!

Freeze towels

To keep yourself cool during the day while you’re at home, you can try this trick. Soak some towels or paper towels and wrap them loosely around your wrists and ankles. Then, slide them off so you keep the shape as much as possible, and put them in the freezer. Wait until the towels have frozen, and then take them out and wear them on your wrists and ankles. Those spots on your body are excellent temperature regulators, so if your wrists and ankles stay cool, your body will cool down as well. You can repeat this as many times as necessary as the towels thaw out.

Keep lotions in the fridge

Another quick tip is to keep any lotions you have and use regularly in the fridge, so when you use it, it feels much cooler and refreshing than hot lotion being rubbed on your skin. It’s safe to keep your water-based moisturizers in the fridge, so don’t worry about it being bad for the product. In a pinch, it can cool you down and give you a breath of freshness.

Stay hydrated

Of course, above all else, you need to keep yourself hydrated during times of extreme heat. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty or light-headed because then you’re already dehydrated. Take sips of water often, even if you don’t think you need to, because when it gets that hot, you do need to.

The best thing to do to beat the heat is to install or repair your current air conditioning. However, you can find other additional ways to keep cool by following these tips above. This way, you won’t feel so underprepared the next time the temperatures rise.

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