5 Benefits of Central Vacuum Installation 

The modern homeowner deserves modern solutions. We have indoor plumbing, electricity, and even refrigerators with built-in computers! Why would anyone stay in the past when the future is now? When it comes to their vacuums, plenty of people are trapped in the past.

Well, we have great news! It’s a better time than ever to get rid of that old, clunky portable vacuum and start thinking of a central vacuum installation. If you’re still on the fence, trust us! We know quite a bit about vacuums. There are plenty of great things about a central vacuum system, but here are just a few of the standouts.

Peace and Quiet

In order to give your home a good deep clean, a vacuum needs to have plenty of suction power. Unfortunately, this power too often means carrying an incredibly noisy motor around to every room of your house, disturbing anyone with the misfortune of being around for cleaning day. With a central vacuum installation, you and your household can finally be both clean and tranquil.

With a central vacuum installation, the motor is stored in a stationary place away from the rest of the house. By keeping it in a garage or a workroom, you can minimize the noise that bleeds out into the rest of the house. The motor will still be providing you with more than enough suction, just in a more contained fashion. Finally, you can clean your house without upending everyone else’s day!

Say Goodbye to Portable Vacuums

Cleaning with a portable vacuum isn’t just loud, it’s exhausting. We’ve all had to lug around a huge, unwieldy piece of machinery just to do our chores. They’re hard to get into corners or under furniture, the bags and canisters are hard to change, and you inevitably bend the tongs on the plug as soon as you try to reach just a little too far away.

It makes the entire process of vacuuming a whole-day affair, draining you of any will to do anything but collapse onto the couch once you finish. And that’s even if you don’t have to drag the entire contraption upstairs! You won’t have any of those problems with a central vacuum installation; the vacuum is in every room, right where you need it.

When you need to use your central vacuum installation, all you need is the right attachment, and you’re ready to go. No more carrying around heavy machines, no more emptying bags or canisters, and no more bent power plugs. After cleaning your house once with a central vacuum, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Make Your Chores Easier

The sad truth of adulthood is that there is no avoiding your chores. We may have begrudged Mom and Dad when we were made to mow the lawn or mop the kitchen as kids, but it all starts to make sense once you’re in your own home. No one else is coming to clean your home for you, so you just need to grit your teeth and get through it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t clean smart! A central vacuum installation can help you cut down the time and effort you put into vacuuming, making what was once an all-day slog easy as pie.

Unlike a conventional portable vacuum, a central vacuum system is already in every room you need it in. With the ports located throughout the house, you’ll have your vacuum wherever you want it. Once you’ve connected the hose, the suction will kick in, allowing you to quickly and easily clean up the room. With the vast array of attachments and the strategic placing of ports, you’ll be able to get into every corner of the house with ease. Your family may even end up volunteering to help!

A Cleaner Home for you and Yours

It’s easy to talk about the benefits of central vacuum installation over a traditional portable model when it comes to use, but did you know there are proven long-term benefits as well? When you clean with a central vacuum system, you’re cleaning with more power than a portable model could ever have. That means a deeper clean, better indoor air quality, and actual proven health benefits for you and everyone else in your household.

Central vacuums can be up to three times more powerful than portable models, letting you really get into every nook and cranny of your house. This deep clean has been linked to the better overall health of allergy sufferers, helping you get out all the nasty particles that cause stuffy noses and sneezing.

The central system also prevents the reintroduction of those particles back into your air, as is common with portable models. Since a central vacuum system removes all the dust and debris from your house immediately, you never have to worry about what you just cleaned being released back indoors. Even if you give it your all with a portable vacuum, everything you picked up can escape when you go to empty it. A central vacuum is the best way to ensure your home has pristine air quality.

Investment in Your Property and Future

One of the biggest reservations people have with a central vacuum installation is the price. There’s no way around it, having a central vacuum system installed is more expensive than simply going out and buying a portable model. We understand that every homeowner wants to carefully manage their money, but did you know there are financial benefits to a central vacuum installation as well? By committing to a system now, you can both save money in the future and invest additional money into your home.

If you go out and buy the cheapest vacuum you can find, you’re going to get what you pay for. You’ll be dealing with weaker suction and difficult-to-use attachments, as well as a device with a pretty short lifespan. You might be saving money at the moment you buy it, but how much are you saving when you need to buy another one? Or another one?

With a central vacuum installation, you’ll be getting your money’s worth. The system has a much longer lifespan than a portable model and only requires the most basic maintenance. Having a central vacuum installed can also add value to your property, raising the value of your home should you ever need it. It might be a lot up front, but a central vacuum is a wise investment.

Whenever you’re ready to take the next steps forward, feel free to get in touch! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and help you find the right vacuum solution for your home.

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