Andok’s, one of the most-favored roasted meat franchises in the Philippines, is sure to spice up your meals even more with the latest variant of its famous Dokito fried chicken, the all-new Spicy Dokito.

Things get spicier as Andok’s welcomes its first-ever celebrity brand ambassador, Piolo Pascual.

Spicy Dokito brings out the “anghangkulit” in you
The Spicy Dokito, which follows the successful Dokito launched in 2004, combines two Filipino favorites in one product, spice and fried food.
The new Spicy Dokito uses real chili during marination to ensure both spiciness and flavor will penetrate the meat of the chicken for a real hot treat down to the last bite. Andok’s uses only the best hot peppers in the market to bring daredevils a culinary adventure with Spicy Dokito.

The intense spice of Andok’s newest chicken will definitely bring out the kulit in anyone who dares to try it and will keep them wanting more. Just a small piece of the Spicy Dokito will reveal the anghangkulit in you, making you bolder, feistier and hotter!

Andok’s sili-est brand ambassador
Piolo Pascual, a well-loved TV and movie actor, singer, model, producer, animal advocate, and sought-after brand ambassador, is already a household name.

Beyond the cool and professional persona that Piolo projects to his fan, colleagues regard him as funny and makulit, with his “kakulitan” not annoying and in fact made even cuter by his charm and good looks. His cheerful and fun personality is contagious that everyone around him just becomes silly with him. Indeed, in every set he is in, Piolo is considered the ball of sunshine.
“I feel blessed to be trusted by brands and their customers. Andok’s is a brand that offers affordable and delicious products to positively impact the lives of Filipinos one product at a time. I have been a big fan of Andok’s products and I am honored to have been chosen as their first-ever celebrity ambassador,” Piolo shares.

“Piolo is one of the most well-loved actors in the country. He embodies the Andok’s brand, which is about bringing joy and having a genuine love for one’s craft. Having him as our first celebrity ambassador was an easy decision for us as he embodies joy, life, and enthusiasm. He is here to really bring out the sili-ness out of everyone. We are very excited to have him as part of the Andok’s family,” said Maverick Javier, Andok’s Executive Vice President.

The new Andok’s Spicy Dokito will be available in all Andok’s branches starting July 26, 2019. Catch Piolo, the sili-est and hottest brand ambassador yet, as he takes on his new role as Andok’s first celebrity brand ambassador.

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