Some people opt for prepaid phone services because they think that postpaid plans are expensive. This is perhaps because prepaid loads can be bought for less than Php100. Unfortunately this is barely enough to cover one’s mobile needs for an entire month. Thus, prepaid users end up reloading several times in a month and spending more than they intend to. The good news is that there are affordable postpaid mobile phone plans that can address your mobile needs and fit your budget at the same time. Here is a quick look at the lowest postpaid plans from Globe.

ThePLAN PLUS 599 Call & Data option is perfect for moderate mobile users or those who require some calls, texts, and data usage in their daily routine. For only Php599 a month subscribers of this plan can enjoy unlimited calls to all Globe and TM numbers and unlimited texts to all networks. They also get to enjoy a 1.5GB mobile internet and free Facebook.

If you would look at it on a daily spending perspective, the postpaid fee of Php599 is only equivalent to Php20 per day. In terms of mobile usage the affordable postpaid mobile phone plans may actually be cheaper than prepaid ones. This is because they give you more perks and benefits than what prepaid promos are offering. For instance, prepaid unli-text promos usually lasts for two days only and only covers texts to limited networks. On the other hand a Globe Plan Plus599 offers unlimited texts to ALL l networks for a period of one month, data allocation, Facebook, etc. Plus you don’t have to worry about running out of load in the middle of a conversation. Definitely a great deal for people on a budget.

Another great postpaid plan option from Globe is ThePLAN PLUS 599 with Handset. This is great for those who would like to get free handsets with their subscriptions. In this plan, you can get a Huawei Y3 for free. It also includes unlimited text to all networks, free Facebook, and 2.5 GB mobile internet.

You can choose from a variety of handsets that are available for this plan including some upscale phone models. However, some models may require some cash out from the subscriber.

Mobile users who require loads of data or access to entertainment sites also have options in ThePLAN PLUS 599. The All Data Plan 599 gives you 6GB mobile internet allocation for a month plus 1GB data allocation for Spotify Premium for three months. There is also the Entertainment Plan 599 which provides 2.5GB mobile internet, unli-text to all networks, and 1GB free Facebook.

These affordable postpaid mobile phone plans offer more than just the services in their package. It offers convenience, affordability, and value for money in mobile usage. Not just that, these postpaid plan options also had the flexibility to provide you with a perfect plan to fit both your mobile needs and budget. If your only reason for sticking to prepaid is budget, then think again because you may be missing out on some perks and benefits that only a postpaid plan can offer.

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