We are told that cycling is a good thing to do: it’s good for the environment, and it’s good for our health. Therefore, the more we can get involved in using a bicycle rather than a car, or even public transport, the better. The roads will be less crowded, there will be less pollution, and we will all be healthier people in general.

However, cycling does come with its own problems, and the most pressing of these is safety. If you are cycling, then you need to think of your safety at all times and ensure that you are doing everything right. With more and more bikes on the road competing for space with cars, this is of paramount importance. Here are some things to consider.

Obey The Rules Of The Road

Although it may feel wonderful and freeing to be out on a bicycle, if you are on the road then you will need to obey the same rules as everyone else. If you don’t, you could easily have an accident because other cyclists, drivers, and even pedestrians will assume that you are following the rules that they all understand and if you do something that goes against those rules, they simply won’t be expecting it.

Cycling accidents can be extremely dangerous and may require extensive time away from work. The experts at the-compensation-experts.co.uk will be able to advise you about your next steps, but the more rules you can obey, the less likely it is you will be hurt.

Some examples of these rules are:

  • Cyclists must travel in the same direction as the traffic.
  • Cyclists must not travel on the sidewalk unless they are under the age of 12 or there is a designated cycle path there.
  • Cyclists must stop at red lights and stop signs.
  • Cyclists must obey road markings (including one-way signs.)

Follow these rules and any others that might be particular to your state or city (in New York, for example, children under 12 months cannot be carried on a bike), and you will stay much safer.

Wear Safety Gear

Even if you are extremely careful, accidents can and still happen – it might be the fault of another road user, or perhaps no one’s fault at all and simply a mishap. Whatever the reason, if you are involved in an accident then wearing the right safety gear will help you to stay safer than if you didn’t wear it at all.

The one piece of equipment that should be non-negotiable when you ride on your cycle must be a helmet. You may not enjoy wearing it, but it can save your life – head injuries are the worst and most frequent types of cycling injuries, and they can be fatal or life-changing.

It is also useful to have a horn or a bell on your bike. This way, you can warn others that you are coming along and they will be able to step out of the way. This can be useful when driving along roads with concealed driveways, as well as when there are many pedestrians around.

Lights are essential when you are riding at night. If others cannot see you, they cannot take appropriate measures to ensure they are careful of you. You should have a white light at the front and a red light at the back. You can also wear lights on your helmet if you feel you want to do this.

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