Whether it’s your car or your home, it does hold a sentimental value for each of us and nothing can beat the sense of having a personalized scent that just instantly puts you in a great mood and reminds you of your happy abode.

Whether it’s the kids or pets, the reality is that foul smells and odors will keep coming back. That’s why it’s so important to keep on top of the game so your house or car keeps smelling fresh and clean all day long.

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Here’s some useful tips to instantly eliminate any nasty odors and foul smells from your house and car. These are super simple and very affordable hacks that everyone can incorporate in their lifestyle.

1. Make a Stove Simmer

This one is exclusively for your house, where you can whip up a delicious concoction that leaves your house smelling fresher than ever. Take a sauce pan and simmer some water and add citrus wedges and fresh herbs like mint and lavender. Once the herbs cook in the water, the heat will permeate a beautiful scent all across your house.

2. Clean Out the Air Vents

Simple yet so effective. The next time your car wreaks havoc, take some Lysol and clean your air vents. Follow the video tutorials available all across the internet, and say hello to freshness.

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3. Place Candles Strategically

Candles are the most effective way to achieve a fresh smelling home in no time. But the trick is to place them in areas where you put your fabrics and shoes so they can absorb the odor and emit a fresh scent every time you come home. Bath and body works sell amazing candles and room spray products that are hot in the market right now.

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4. DIYs for the Car

Now this is one hack that you and the kids can work on! Buy some wedding favor bags from the dollar store and add a handful of Downy Unstoppables to each bag, till you fill the bag up. Put these bags around the car seats and across the dash board for a fresh scent every time. If you don’t like DIYs, then using car fresheners can help you.

5. Invest In Indoor Plants

Indoor plants serve as a great investment for cleansing the air in your home and also serve as a way to incorporate nature around us. There is a wide selection of beautiful plants available such as geraniums, eucalyptus, lavender and mint that leave your house smelling fantastic. If you want more aroma, you can select many from a fragrance shop.

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6. Make Use of Oil Diffusers

This one definitely takes the lead and bursts the misconception that oil diffusers can only be used around the house. Essential oils are magical and powerful. Investing in a mini portable essential oil diffuser can make your car smell great for longer, they also have healing powers that can alleviate anxious thoughts and calm you down and you can use these around the house too!

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Here’s a compilation of easy hacks that can make your car and home smell amazing that too without breaking the bank. Happy reading.

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