If former travelers to the coastal province of Batangas, were to number their memorable experiences in the area, they would probably count past the fingers on their hands. Brisk travel time from a metropolitan area like Manila? Check. Warm, helpful, and hospitable locals? Check. Delicious and heartwarming culinary specialties, like lomi, kaldereta, and kapeng barako? Check, check, and check! Suffice to say, Batangas has a lot to offer. But arguably, the province shines best as a haven for its natural resources, and most tourists come for the beautiful beaches in Batangas

Are you a new visitor to the province? Or are you a returnee with more items to check off your local bucket list? Once you hit Batangas proper, what’s the best way to experience or re-experience what the province has to offer? Here’s an argument for the natural highlights of Batangas, or the destinations that appeal the most to nature lovers. Read on for tips on getting to the best vacation spots, what to expect, and what makes each spot perfect for every kind of nature lover.

  1. Sepoc Point, for casual trekkers. Sepoc Point is part of a private beach on the western side of Maricaban Island, in the municipality of Tingloy. This part of Maricaban Island boasts slightly rough sand, but also some breathtaking cliffs and forestry. If you’re okay to pack a pair of trekking shoes alongside your flip-flops, you can enjoy a quiet trek around the hilly Sepoc Point. All you will need to do is travel to Anilao via public or private transport, take Eagle Point Resort’s service van, and take a boat ride to Sepoc Island.
  2. Masasa Beach, for campers. There are no luxury accommodations on Masasa Beach, which is on the opposite end of Tingloy municipality. But that hasn’t stopped a multitude of weekenders from bringing their camping gear and roughing it out on Masasa’s clean, smooth shoreline. As above, Anilao is the jump-off point, and one needs only to take a boat ride and a short trek to Masasa Beach. When you arrive, just remember to be a responsible camper: clean up after yourself, don’t leave any trash on your campsite, and come prepared with food, water, and portable electricity.
  3. Anilao, for divers and snorkelers. If you don’t want to leave Anilao, then that’s fine too—there’s plenty to do within the area that constitutes the Anilao Proper and Anilao East municipalities. For one, Anilao is a famous hub for diving enthusiasts, and it is considered “Luzon’s premier dive destination.” It welcomes both licensed divers and beginners who want to enroll in lessons. Check out the diving packages offered by resorts like Eagle Point, and gear up for some close encounters with marine life such as seahorses, frogfish, nudibranchs, and octopuses. If you’re more into snorkeling, then you’re still likely to discover crabs, shrimp, and starfish—it’s a wide, wild world out there!
  4. Taal Volcano, for mountaineers. Taal is the site of the world’s smallest active volcano, and both beginner and experienced mountaineers will love checking out the landscape on a day hike. Hikers need only to travel to the jump-off point of Talisay, take a half-hour boat ride to the island, register and pay a minimal fee at Taal’s Tourist Reception Center, and alight the mountain trail. Those less inclined to walking may even commission a horseback ride!
  5. Lipa, Balete, and Batangas City, for heritage tourists. These destinations may not be top-of-mind for the more adventurous tourists, but even so, visitors to Batangas who love history, old architecture, and art will be surprised at the natural beauty of Batangas’s heritage sites. For example, the Marian Orchard in Balete hosts a lush and colorful garden. Similar views await in religious sites like San Sebastian Cathedral and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Lipa, and the Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Batangas City. Stop here, enjoy the scenery, and say a prayer for your safe travels.

Take a break from your fast-paced, tech-driven, and stressful life in the city to visit Batangas province, one of the country’s remaining havens for natural resources. With activities like these on your holiday checklist, for sure you will have an awesome time!

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