If you are shooting for the stars in your career, you might be under the misconception that you only need to take classes that prepare you for the entertainment industry. If you want to be a musician, doesn’t that mean that you should take high school and college courses in orchestra and music theory? While these are helpful in honing your craft, don’t underestimate the value in traditional classes too.

Public Speaking

If making a speech or going in front of a crowd makes you go numb with fear, this is something worth working on if you want to be in the entertainment business. Even talent agents like David Guilllod have to speak in public sometimes. Nobody in the business is exempt entirely from being put on the spot. Speech and debate classes are valuable for helping you get over this phobia, as well as helping you be a better speaker and learning to command a room.

Reading and Writing

You don’t have to have aspirations of being a world-famous author for reading and writing skills to matter in your career. Having an understanding of the English language is important in comprehending the world around you and being an educated human being. Not only will reading and writing enhance your vocabulary, but understanding contracts and other written work will be a whole lot easier. You might even find that working in the legal side of the industry is where your niche lies.


Even though every frustrated student has said at least once that they will never use math in the real world, they are wrong. It’s important to understand at least basic math principles when figuring your salary, negotiating a contract and budgeting your funds. Sure, having a calculator in your phone makes things easier, but the tool is useless if you don’t know how to figure out formulas.


Don’t skip over the computer classes in school. Today more than ever it is worth having some knowledge of computer science and technology. This doesn’t mean social media and making witty Twitter posts. Humans have become dependant on the ease of the virtual world and all the “toys” that come with it. Technology skills can be useful in stage lighting and pyrotechnical effects, as well as in the audio and editing fields.

Business and Marketing

Marketing class teaches more than the insane markup prices of a drink at a restaurant; it provides a solid foundation in understanding the world of advertising. If you have a flair for the business side of things, maybe being directly in the spotlight isn’t your calling. Managers and agents depend heavily on the use of well-done marketing campaigns to generate buzz about their clients and various events. Learning about good advertising tactics and how to promote a service or product can be a valuable asset in your one-day career.

School exists to prepare you for the future, no matter what kind of future you choose. Even if you don’t plan on being a scholar, it’s worth being an educated person and proving yourself competent.

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