When thinking about spending time in your home, the garage does not typically come to mind as your favorite place to be. However, this doesn’t need to be the case! Why not give your garage a little love so that you don’t dread stepping into it? Whether it shelters your vehicle or not, it can be a pleasant, usable space, too.


A concrete garage floor is usually neglected. It can be dirty, covered with oil stains or cracked. Without starting from scratch, you can give yourself a durable, good-looking and easily-cleaned surface with the proper concrete covering. The application of epoxy floor products will transform your space; it might not even look like a garage anymore, but instead a chic workshop. It even comes in a variety of colors and styles to choose from.


A garage understandably becomes a place to dump extraneous storage items. It can also house tools, bikes, lawnmowers and the like. Moral of the story is- it fills up fast. To combat this accumulation becoming an impenetrable pile, take the time to organize your items. The solution could be as simple as labeled storage bins and inexpensive shelving. To take it up a notch, consider incorporating customized built-ins. Making your possessions easy to see and access can relieve a lot of frustration.


Another contributing factor to the stereotypical old dank, dark garage is a lack of windows. This may be a more drastic step to take in your garage makeover but will have equally drastic results. Natural light can improve the vibe of any situation. Plus, it won’t increase your electric bill like adding more lighting would. Just think of the joy of a gentle breeze could bring you as you work on your latest carpentry project, or how the improved lighting could make changing your oil that much easier.


If you don’t have room for a mudroom inside your house, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Simply adding a mat, some coat hooks and a bench outside of the doorway to the inside of your home adds elegance to the entry process. This could make cleaning your home a whole lot nicer, as well. Adding additional items such as a trash can or mini fridge could also help cut down on clutter and unnecessary trips inside.

A garage is an important part of your home, but it isn’t always treated as such. It’s easy to maximize the use this square footage. Change your life for the better by appreciating this functional space!

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