Phoenix SUPER LPG Teams-Up with Sarah G for Her New Passion

Sarah Geronimo is prepping some fresh hits for her loved ones but this time it’s not on stage but in the kitchen. The Popstar Royalty revealed this tidbit during the launch of Phoenix SUPER LPG. Speaking at the launch, she shared the joys of her new found passion which is cooking and the challenges that come with it. According to her she took culinary classes and started with simple dishes. Now she already knows how to make Filipino dishes like Adobo and Sinigang which are sure hits on the dining table.

What’s her secret recipe for success? Sarah says nothing beats preparation and hard work. But she also emphasized the importance of having expert help or assistance whenever she needs it. This is why she is grateful for her mentors who are always there to help bring out her best on stage and on screen. The same goes for her new found passion for cooking. She got help from the people around her and also found tools that will help her whip dishes with confidence. One of the basic tools you need for cooking is gas or fuel. For this Sarah G swears by Phoenix SUPER LPG as a safe, sigurado and simple tool that everyone can use in the kitchen.

Phoenix SUPER LPG helps you enjoy safe, sigurado and simple cooking experiences. It makes use of a German made SRG regulator and is equipped with an inlet safety valve, reserve indicator and snap on mechanism. The inlet safety valve automatically stops LPG Flow in case of leakage thereby reducing risks or possible damage from LPG leaks. There is also a reserve indicator that indicates cylinder content. This will help you gauge if you need to replenish gas supply and avoid getting interrupted in the middle of cooking. For newbies, the snap on mechanism is a great feature. This makes it easy to install LPG in your gas range. Sometimes switching gas tanks can be a bummer especially for those who are just learning how to cook. But with the snap on mechanism you don’t have to ask for assistance in installing your LPG supply.

Here are some more information that you may want to learn about the Phoenix SUPER LPG Cylinder:

  • Design working pressure 250psi
  • Testing Pressure 480psi
  • LPG pressure 70psi
  • Start of Relief Pressure Relief Valve 370 psi
  • Close of Relief Pressure Relief Valve 300 PSI
  • Hydrostatic Test as Safety Requirement 5 years

The Phoenix SUPER LPG features highlight safety, certainty and simplicity. This enables users like Sarah to pursue newfound passion without worries on safety and enjoy discovering the joys of cooking.

“We are happy to be partners with Sarah as she expands her passion from the stage to the kitchen. Just like anyone who cooks she needs a reliable partner to make this experience more enjoyable. With Phoenix Super LPG, she’s sure to find more joy in cooking” – Celina Matias AVP for Brand and Marketing Phoenix Petroleum.

Aside from Sarah G sharing her cooking experiences, the attendees also enjoyed Chef JM Sunglao’s culinary tutorials. Attendees were taught how to make 5 minute easy to make meals that you can do everyday.

I have been cooking and baking for some time now and I also own a gas stove. But in reality, I am really scared to use it. It makes me feel nervous whenever I smell even just a hint of gas in the air. When this happens I inspect everything before turning the oven ON with a bit of fear that it might blow up as soon as I switch it on. But turning the oven ON shouldn’t be a hearth thumping experience especially for those who love to cook. This is why I contemplated on selling my gas oven and switch to the electric ones. However after hearing about the safe, sigurado, and simple feature of the Phoenix SUPER LPG it seems I won’t have to sell my gas oven. Now that I can be confident with the safety of using LPG, I can already cook without any fear.

Phoenix SUPER LPG is available in the following sizes : 11kg POL valve, 50kg POL valve, 22 kg POL valve, and 11 kg compact valve. You can easily get your Phoenix SUPER LPG by a simple dial: #SUPER or #78737 or visit Phoenix Superhubs and LPG Dealers nationwide

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