How to Change Motorcycle Grips

If you ride a motorcycle regularly, simple motorcycle maintenance like changing motorcycle tires, grips and motorcycle OEM replacement parts should be at your fingertips.

Your handlebar grips are your most important point of contact with the bike, so why not keep them fresh and comfortable? Replacing worn-out grips yourself is an affordable and easy way to give your bike a new spark of life, plus it gives you the chance to tailor the grip size, texture, and hardness to suit your preferences. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Removing Your Old Grips
You will either be able to pull off the old grips with your own strength, or you’ll have to use a small, flat head screwdriver to pry them off the bars, or you’ll have to carefully cut them off (if they are made of rubber). You can opt to use lubricant to help you get the grips off. If glue was used on your old grips, then you’ll need to completely remove any residue.
With the throttle grip, be extra careful so that you don’t damage the throttle tube. Before proceeding, make absolutely sure that you clean and dry your handlebars thoroughly, especially if you used lubricant or had to remove glue residue. You don’t want your new grips to move around on the handlebars.

Step Two: Installing New Motorcycle Grips
After you have peeled off the old grip, clean any remaining residue or dirt from the handlebar with alcohol based cleaner, like acetone or some brake cleaner. Having a clean handlebar will give you better contact with the new grips. Take the throttle tube off of the handlebar to clean it because the alcohol in the cleaner can break down any grease needed to lubricate it.

Before installing either of the grips, check their sizes. The grip that is supposed to go on the throttle side will be bigger than the other, and if you install the smaller one onto it instead, the grip for the other handle will be too big, and won’t seat properly.

When you have the handlebar clean, take some grip glue (like Grip-It Glue) or cement and apply a ring of it to the inside of the new grip at its opening. This glue will lubricate the grip enough to slide it onto the throttle and bar, then stick it into place when the advesive part dries.

Quickly slide the new grip onto the handlebar before the glue begins to dry and squeeze it tightly to set the glue. When you’re putting the new grip onto the throttle side of your motorcycle, twist in the opposite direction of the throttle and pull. Allow the glue at least twelve hours to dry before trying to ride and remember to put back on any bar ends. is the best place to get your motorcycle grips, aftermarket motorcycle parts and everything you need for your motorcycle, ATV or UTV. Check them out today!

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