Father’s Day always seems to sneak up quickly, and it may have you feeling a bit anxious about what to buy your dad or spouse this year. In addition, it’s never an easy task purchasing items for the person who seems like they have it all.

The following Father’s Day gift ideas will help you brainstorm a few sensible yet desirable options for the man in your life. Take your time and remember it’s the thought that counts so don’t be too hard on yourself regarding this task. Have fun shopping and looking around and take into account you can always return an item if you change your mind at the last minute.


One idea for a Father’s Day gift idea is to purchase clothing such as a work shirt, pajamas or for a hobby he enjoys doing. For example, you can hop online and find golf apparel that’s attractive and will be perfect for him to throw on when he wants to go out and play with the guys. Try to find out his size in advance to make your job easier and avoid having to exchange the item. Purchasing new clothes is one present you truly can’t go wrong with since a lot of guys don’t like shopping for themselves anyway.

A Night out with Friends

If you’re shopping for your spouse, then you might want to consider gifting him a night out with his friends. He’ll enjoy the chance to skip out on his normal responsibilities and go out and relax with his buddies for the evening. You can either give him a free pass to use as he chooses or plan and throw together a guy’s night for him and invite his friends so he doesn’t have to do any of the work himself and can just simply show up.

His Favorite Alcohol or Foods

You can never go wrong with purchasing and gifting his favorite alcohol and foods. Think about what beer or bourbon he enjoys drinking and buy a few special glasses to go with it. In addition, there are a wide variety of pre-made food baskets on the market, or you can head to the store and put together your own basket of goodies made up of a mix of his favorite snacks. If he’s a cigar smoker then you can also throw in a couple of his favorite flavors or brands to use as he pleases.

A Watch

A watch is an item many men want to have but won’t splurge and buy for themselves. Use this coming Father’s Day as a chance to wrap up a desirable and stylish watch for the man you’re shopping for. Get a better idea of his sense of style and what color or look he might be most attracted to by taking note of what other jewelry he wears or tends to point out when you’re out shopping. This will be great for wearing at work to help him look more professional or to sport on the weekends when you go out to dinner and want to dress up a bit.


Another Father’s Day gift idea is to purchase anything in the electronics department. For example, go shopping for speakers for his car, a new and big television or trendy headphones for wearing at the gym. This is one area you truly can’t go wrong and can almost guarantee that he’ll be happy with whatever electronics you pick out for him if this is a passion of his. Do your homework and research what’s new and popular in this category to help you narrow down your options.

Grilling Accessories

For the father who’s always outside at the grill, consider buying accessories for his grill that he can enjoy and use throughout the season. For instance:

  • A grilling cookbook
  • Spices or rubs
  • Tongs
  • Skewer sticks

He’ll appreciate the thought and that you took the time to notice how much he loves to be outside grilling. Another option is to purchase an entirely new grill if the one he owns is old or outdated and you feel it’s worth the investment.

Tie or Slippers

In addition, maybe he needs items for work or at his office or loves to sport a new tie each day. There are both a mix of stylish and funny ties out in the stores and online that you can choose from. Go through his closet and see what he may be missing that might look nice for throwing on during the week when he heads off to work.

In addition, consider buying new slippers this Father’s Day and making sure he always has warm feet when hanging around the house. Many guys tend to wear their current pair so often that they become worn down, so this could be the perfect opportunity to replace old ones with a brand new option.


Another excellent Father’s Day gift idea to think about purchasing is
a hammock for the backyard. This can be his spot where he goes to relax and wind down after a long day at the office. Place it outside under a few shady trees and let him know it’s a place he can go to be alone and reflect without any distractions. Hammocks are great for reducing stress and taking breaks away from a hectic schedule or routine. This is also a gift he may not be expecting so you’ll be able to surprise him more easily.


These ideas will help you to take the stress out of shopping for the father or spouse in your life. All of the gift ideas listed are practical and will be likely to put a big smile on his face. Begin your shopping early enough so that you don’t feel rushed or pressured into buying a certain item without thinking it through first. Remember to take note of what he already owns throughout the year so you can purchase an item or think of an idea that will be unique and not redundant or repetitive.

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