Planning for a wedding can take time and effort, so it is important to make such preparations in advance. With some planning and effort, you will be assured that everything is in order once you know that everything in your checklist has been accomplished. Here are some pointers to prepare you for your wedding day.

1. Rough out the timing

Although you may not have an exact date for your wedding, it is prudent to have a rough idea of the season or month you intend to hold your wedding. That way, you’ll know what duration of time you have to get organized. Since the size of your wedding determines the venue of your ceremony, creating a guest list is something you need to think about. Therefore, mark your calendar and create your guest list to have an estimate of the number of wedding attendants.

2. Determine the Officiant

Knowing who your wedding Officiant will be can be simple, especially if you intend to hold the ceremony in your usual house of worship. However, if you do not know who will officiate your wedding, you can ask your friends and relatives to help you find an officiant.

3. Reception Venue

Rethink about your wedding dreams and determine how well they mesh with the reality. Maybe what you have always envisioned is an outdoor wedding ceremony or a wedding in one of those exquisite hotels in your area. However, what if such options are not possible due to unavoidable circumstances? It is important that you have a backup plan or alternative options that would allow you to continue with your ceremony. You may consider historic homes in your area to rent. Utilize the resources available to you and narrow down your options. You may want to hire planners such as Villa Russo to get all the assistance you need when it comes to creating the wedding you’ve always dreamt about.

4. Décor

After you have planned for your reception, you can now decide on the table arrangements and the kinds of decorations you are going to have. If you intend to get some fresh flowers from the local farm, make sure you seek assistance from friends and relatives so you can put together excellent centerpieces and bouquets.

5. Videographer and Photographer

The best videographers and photographers are usually booked in advance, so it’s important that you have this sorted out early. Get recommendations from family members and relatives, and research what types of shots you’ll want. You can ask for their portfolio so you can get ideas of how you want your photo sessions conducted.

6. Music

You can arrange for performances by musicians, but such arrangements should also be done on time. Make sure they agree with your playlist as well. Find out about their payments and how many breaks they will need to take during their performances. You may also opt for a deejay as this is a relatively affordable option as opposed to a band.


It is so easy to get caught up in different aspects of your wedding to the extent of forgetting the simple things that matter. Start your preparations early so you can make sure everything is in order.

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